Derikas are very strong beings contained inside of a human body. Their true form is a white light. They were created by Ayak Krahm as a test to see how powerful he was.  Derikas were once human, yet were killed by a shadow. 5 hours later, the victim of the attack will wake up, possibly not remembering much. When they awake, they usually find themselves in the prescence of a different Derika, or Amaros himself. Often, if the Derika is in the prescence of another when they awake, the Derika they meet is a very powerful one. 


Derikas are virtually unkillable, but they have some weapons that can knock them out for quite awhile. All Derikas excluding a Demiderika have one mutual weakness- The Unmasker Blade, which reveals their true form, killing most things around them. 


Essentially mortals. Can be killed by normal means.

Regular Derikas

For Regular Derikas, (SarahEmily etc.) their primary and mostly used on them happens to be anything Witheran

Derikas of Darkness

For Derikas of Darkness, any angelic weapon would harm them, but The Haskordathera is the only known weapon to be able to smite them. 


Amaros's only known weakness is if all other Derikas including the Derikas of Darkness are killed, yet not the HyperDerikas, he will die.


The weakness of the HyperDerika depends on who they are.


Ecuram can be hurt by anything demonic, but only Ejka and his cousin Ethraka can kill him. Even with both Ethraka and Ejka attacking him, he'd be hard to kill.


Ethraka's weaknesses are almost the same as Ecuram's. He can be hurt by anything angelic, but only Ejka and his cousin Ecuram can kill him. Even with both of them attacking him, he'd still be hard to kill.

Books on Derikas

Derika Lore- By Dreithar

Explains the history, origin and most other things about Derikas that most people are too scared to reveal about them.

Amaros's Derika Book- By Amaros

A book by Amaros that explains many things about Derikas, mainly of the spellwork and famous Derikas and Derikas of Darkness.







Somewhat Sadness (Demiderikas usually seem depressed most of the time.)

Reg. Derikas & Derikas of Darkness


Mastered Telekinesis

Enhanced Creation

Enhanced Destruction




Enhanced Spellwork

Mastered Superhuman Strength

Enhanced Shapeshifting

Virtual Immortality

Enhanced Hallucination Creation


High Intelligence


Mastered Teleportation

Unimaginable Telekinesis

Mastered Creation

Mastered Destruction

Enhanced Pyrokinesis

Enhanced Hydrokinesis

Enhanced Electrokinesis


Unimaginable Spellwork

Unimaginable Universal Warping

Perfected Shapeshifting


Mastered Telepathy

Unimaginable Superhuman Strength

Virtual Immortality

Mastered Hallucination Creation

Unimaginable Cloning

Fire Resistance

Slight Spell Resistance

Mastered Summoning


High Intelligence

Dark Arts (HyperDerikas are the only type of Derika that can use Dark Arts without dying instantly)

Derika of Darkness Only Abilities


Derika of Light Only Abilities

Unimaginable Photokinesis

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