The Derikan Civil War is the most dangerous war known to all creatures. Entire galxies have been destroyed in a single battle. The war has been going on since the 1940s, thought to be World War One and Two. The government knew they were actually Derika fights, but did not release it to the public. One the Derikas of Darkness were defeated at Auschwitz, the derikas based in germany retreated to Afghanistan. The Derikas of Light were rebased in Israel. The Derikas of Darkness attacked everywhere Derikas were located. The united states government blamed all attacks on terrorists. Cheif Derika Elrokem Chram (el-RO-kim krahm) told the government about the war and it was kept in a file in Groom Lake (Area 51). In 2007, a new Derika, EcuramFerata drove back the Derikas of Darkness with their new ally, The Black Shadow. He was later captured by an angry Dreka. He died and was not reloacted again until he was the Rejin Warlord of the Rejin War. The war continues, destroying things constantly, robot populations growing... Derikas of Darkness populations decreasing... Derikas of Light being eliminated.

Celelstial Bodies Destroyed


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