Dez (Full name being Dezmon Frostino (has no last name at all) is a male Rhybrid that is part Nocturnan and Frosti


Dezmon is friendly,but can be really quiet at sometimes.He is 18 and has a sister he never knew about Mabel who is 15.He always thought that he was an orphen but had parents he never knew about.Since he thought he was an orphan he never had a true last name.
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He lived in an orphanage for atleast 9 years of his life.Durring this time period he was alone always looking at the stars and played around in the snow.He didn't talk to anyone.One day he ran away from the orphanage thinking there was something greater out there for him.He bumped into a group of monks going there temple.They asked him where he was from.He said he was from the orphanage and ran away.The monks ask him if he wanted to stay with them.He said yes thinking this was going to be fun.He learned jujutsu sparring with his partner he was trying to take him down as fast as he can. nWhen he turned 12 the monks allowed him to go to America.Before he left for America the monks gave him an amulet that is an old relic.He left for America with the same thought in his head.He got to Oklahoma and was exploring the land he went into a cave.Searching in the cave he ran into a Terrordactyl he tried to escape it but it flew in front of him and cut his cheek with the scythe like tail.
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A horse was in the conor he quickly ran over to it and mounted it up and rode out of the cave as fast as he could.He rode for five days and met five travelers named Angel,Johnny,Tony,Bob,and Dave.Dave asked him where he was going and how do he get the scar.He explaned to Dave that he was riding away from a Terrordactyl.They told him that they could stay with him unless they could have the horse.Dez let them have the horse and stayed with them.Dave taught him Archery and Dez became a hunter.When he turned 15 he asked Angel to be his girlfriend.She said yes which made Johnny angry because he loved her.Johnny kept it inside for three months then threated Dez that he kept dating her.Later that day Dez talked to Angel about seeing other people and left.Angel was overly attached to Dez.She tried to get him back but he said no.After a year Johnny drove Dez away and told everyone no one should go look for him.Dez climbed a mountain and found a scythe made of ice.As grab it he felt like it was special to him.He looked at his birthmark and saw it glow lightly.About a year later he found a Taikiaun prison and found Sky and freed her.Later that day he met Ecuram.

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