Author: ThaChompyLeader

(This is a story told from third-person view. It takes place when Herobrine discovered diamonds.)

Diamond Fever

"How deep do we have to go?" Hawk complained. He, Apple, and Steve had gone out to find materials. It was Shade's idea to go underground, but he didn't want to come.

What a chicken, Hawk thought darkly. They hadn't found anything, and it was getting late. Apple was getting impatient.

"Do you really think we'll find something that will get us rich?" Apple asked.

"Maybe. Maybe not," Steve replied. He continued to dig down a staircase so they would be able to get back up. All they had was a pile of stone.

"I don't think an elephant's weight of cobblestone is going to get us rich," Hawk joked. Apple nodded her head. Steve ignored both of them and continued to dig. When all seemed hopeless, Steve hit a strange looking block.

"What is that?" Hawk leaned in. It had light-blue specks all across it. His stone pickaxe broke when he tried to mine it.

"I don't know," Steve admitted. He grabbed his Iron Pickaxe and grabbed ahold of the strange blue gem.
Steve finds a diamond

"Whatever it is, it's gonna be worth thousands. I can feel it."

They left as soon as they could. Morning was already coming, and Apple was getting crabby, despite the fact that they had discovered an unknown object. When they reached the Clearing, a bunch of monsters were gathered around. When Steve walked past, they all laid their eyes on his new find.

"What is that?"

"What is it called?"

"Where did he find it?"

"How valuable is it?" Steve silenced all the monsters with a raise of his hand.

"I have found something that will make us all rich," He announced. Cheers rose up into the dawn sky.

"I told you there were good things down there!" Shade shouted to a group of creepers. They all hissed and turned away.

"I shall call them Diamonds!"


Hawk tossed and turned in his sleep. He couldn't help the feeling that he was watched. It was pouring rain outside. Silently, he padded out. He was soaked in seconds. He heard footsteps coming from far away.

"Steve?" He called out, following the shadowy figure. "Is that you?" It turned around and yelled something he couldn't pick up, then ran away. Hawk had a bad feeling about who it was.

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