Dog Creeper Remake

Dog Creeper


Dog Creepers are a hybid found in Taigas, Plains, and Woodlands. They will bark at passing miners and can be tamed with the use of a bone, making them one of the two tameable creeper variations. If attacked, their eyes will glow red and any nearby Dog Creepers will attack also. They will blow up when approached.


Dog Creepers were born when a wolf and a creeper paired up. Normally, Dog Creepers will walk around occasionally barking, but if attacked, the whole pack will charge. After provoked, their eyes glow red like a wolf and will explode like a creeper.

Tamed Dog Creepers

When tamed, a blue collar appears on their neck and can be commanded to sit or follow the owner. If the owner attacks anything, the Dog Creeper will attack it also. If you have a group of Dog Creepers and you attack one, All Dog Creepers will attack the one you hit, making them annlooying if you hit one by accident.