Draco will be in a comic series that ThaChompyLeader will start soon.

Draco remake



Draco looks very similar to Steve, but he has a lavender shirt and is blind in his right eye. He has an icy blue eye color and wields many torn areas of his clothing. He has a brown beard. In the image to the right, he wields a broken Emerald Sword.


Draco is very serious about what he does to survive in the wild. He is mostly quiet, but can be stubborn about how he sees the world through his perspective. Very agressive towards anybody, and distrusts people. The scars he bears on his body mark the battles he fought between monsters. Is aware of Herobrine and probably the only person who doesn't fear him. A man of few words.


  • His shirt used to be cyan, similar to Steve.
  • He origonally had no beard.
  • His origonal character was actually Steve who forgot to make a house and lived in the wild.

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