This mob is a Destructor. Please take EXTREME caution when battling it.

This picture is a work in proggress


Dreithar (pronounced" DRE-THAR) is the brother of Haskoradom . He is only seen twice ingame. He is first seen when the player has defeated Heok The Horror after defeating all of the other horrors. His aura is so strong and distorted, the player can see it circling around him. He has several stages in his boss battle and 30,000,000 health. 

He is defended by several of the "Protagonists", them claiming the loss of Dreithar would be terrible. The player discredits them and kills all of the minibosses until they find Dreithar. 

Mini-bosses Encountered

The Keeper of Unspoken Secrets (500 health) Erik Amaran (5,000,000 health)


When Encountered

The room is dark. It appears to be a huge arena, similar to the arena of the unspoken, but much larger. Lava drips from the ceiling. 


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