Dreitharans are by far one of the deadliest races. Please have EXTREME caution when approaching one or going to Dreitharia.


Dreitharans are the followers of Dreithar. All Dreitharans were once mortal, but they were de-mortalized and turned into something far much worse than the 7 shadows after becoming one of Dreithar's followers. After a while. their skin will pale greatly and their eyes will turn into a corrupt orange color. Many Dreitharans take interest in the dark magics of Dreitharicai. Dreitharicai is often used by Haskoradom, the 13 horrors, Dreithar himself, and ever-so-rarely a Derika of Darkness may utter a spell in the wretched language. Dreitharans are sadly common during the time of corruption in the overworld.

Famous Dreitharans


Corrupt Ecuram



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