This mob is a Destructor. Please take EXTREME caution when battling it.


Drekask is Zecromoda's older and much more evil brother. He has all of Zecromoda's abilities and more. He is well known for being the constant killer of Ecuram and Emily Ferata. He is a master of disguises and corrupts many, making them think that he is the good guy. One of his minions, a Shadonic Behemoth did so without effort before on an innocent water kylet. His forms are so distorted, nobody but him can see his true forms. Sometimes, he lowers the power of his aura, exposing many weakpoints to disguise as others, with mortals, Derikas, and deities sometimes even buying the disguise. This is the only eay to destroy him without dying in the process.


Enhanced Telekinesis- The power to move objects with your mind, aswell as living organisms

Enhanced Telepathy- An enhanced version of telepathy, the power to send messages to others with your mind

Hydrokinesis- The power to move water with your mind

Enhanced spell-work- The ability to use any type of spell

Enhanced Mind-Melding- The enhanced version of Mind-Melding, giving him the ability to add memories, change them, change emotions, and remove memories

Shapeshifting- The ability to change forms

Perfect foresight- Foresight with perfect accuracy

Enhanced Mind Control- The enhanced ability to control somebody's mind

Enhanced Corruption- The ability to corrupt any angelic being other than deities, making them corrupt

Time-Bending- The ability to bend time and space, giving Drekask the ability to call the apocalypse

Enhanced Ressurection- The enhanced ability of ressurection, giving Drekask the ability to ressurect anybody no matter what

Pyrokinesis- The ability to move fire with your mind

Dream Visitation- The ability to appear in one's dreams

Mastered Necropathy

Necrokinesis- The ability to move darkness with your mind

Nigh Omnipotence- The power to create and destroy whatever he wishes


Drekask has weaknesses that wont kill him, but will hinder his progress.

Beings with Photokinesis





Anything Ecuram related



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