Dynonn (DIE-none) are gigantic, limbless lizards that are one of the largest mobs in the game, passing Blue Thunder for first. Their wingspan is 75 blocks and they are almost 150 blocks in length! They have fangs and manes composed entirely of fire. They are nicknamed "Magma Nightmares". Their horrendous size, appearance, and strength is not something that players want to carelessly provoke. Nearby Dynonns also cause Flame-Backed Creepers to spawn more often.


Dynonn are extremely dangerous: not only does their size help, but their high health and attack easily sends new players nightmares. They have 1,200 <3 (2,400 health) and a head-on strike sets the player on fire and deals 20 <3 as well. However, their main weakness is their slow speed. They move about as quickly as an Ender Dragon. Their cries can be heard from over 200 blocks away.

Strength and health is not the only problem when fighting Dynonn. Whatever they touch is ignited forever, similar to Netherrack, but burns and spreads three times as quickly. The fire, when spread to mobs, ignites them for about 2 hours before the fire finally extinguishes. Dynonn, however, are not weak to water, and sometimes fly right through it with no damage taken. When Dynonn are not airborne, they are usually dozing. But be careful; any blocks mined within 33 blocks of the Dynonn will wake it up, and it will try to eat the awakener. When a Dynonn is killed, a very large explosion happens (but doesn't deal any physical damage to the player), and there is a chance for the following items to be dropped:


Dynonn are (sadly) common in the Nether if there are any bosses nearby. They are also attracted to Sunstone items, so never have one in your inventory when entering the Nether unless absolutely nessisary. They morph into Nightmare Dynonn when right-clicked with an Eye of Fire.


  • Dynonns are shockingly similar to Nether Vytls; both have no legs, serpentine bodies, dark grey, the ability to fly, lime eyes, and fire-like mist protruding from their back

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