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Protagonists Of The Overworld

Toby Ender

Toby E. Prof

Toby Ender in Color

Toby Ender 001

Toby Ender

Toby is a happy-go-lucky, African American, black haired 13 yr. old kid, who can always see the bright side of things, but knows when to get serious and take charge. He is the son of the Enderleader and Trinity Ender, who both went missing after Toby was thrown into the Overworld during the events of 'The Nether Crisis'. Taken in by 2 villagers for 11 years, he soon goes out into the world for a new life. He is the Leader's Child of the Enderman Tribe, which has proven itself to be the most sophisticated and technically advanced tribe in history. Toby is African American, with black hair, purple eyes, and a purple scar going down his forehead, through his left eye. He wears a purple T-shirt, black vest, and a striped tie. He also wears gloves, black pants with a purple stripe on each side, purple sneakers, and a belt with a Eye of Ender insignia. His first appearance was in 'The Beginning '. His weapon of choice is a diamond sword.

Carlotta Detona

Carlotta Prof

Carlotta DeTona in Color

Carlotta DeTona 001

Carlotta DeTona

Princess Carlotta of the Creeper Tribe, a red haired, bubbly 13 yr. old girl, was happy for a period, mainly when she was 3. Ever since she became the Leader's Child and was covered in the Drop of Life, she was treated like a celebrity, when really, all she longed for was to play with the baby creepers in the kingdom of Cataclysm Peak. Her mother was killed during 'The Nether Crisis', and her father soon went into a state of anger. He would often abuse Carlotta as a release of his vengeful emotions. Carlotta was looking for a way out, until the Enderchild fell from the sky. Carlotta is hispanic, with red hair and green eyes. She wears a green hoodie with a creeper insignia, a green hairbow, black short shorts, and green flats. Her weapon of choice is a concentrated explosion. She first appears in the episode 'Royals and Arrows'.

James Skeller

James Skeller Prof

James Skeller in Color

James Skeller 001

James Skeller

Born with light gray hair, a stern gaze, and an arrow in his hand, all 14 yr. old James Skeller knew how to do was to kill. He was raised by The Skeleton Leader, a ruthless assassain and the leader of the Skeleton tribe. When James was covered in the Drop of Life, his father was overjoyed. His son could now practice more maneuvers too complicated for a regular skeleton to preform. After years of training, his father had given him an army of skeletons to do his bidding, and sent him out to conquer all of Minecraft. He killed mobs all over the world, and from all diffrent tribes, but he had never killed an Enderman before. But he finally got the chance when he caught Toby. But the Enderchild didn't give up without a fight. James is American, and has dark grey eyes and hair. He wears a sleeveless striped shirt, with elbow braces with a skeleton insignia on each brace he wears black sneakers, black sneakers, gloves, and has a quiver on his back. His weapon of choice is the bow. He first appears in the episode 'Royals and Arrows'.

Episodes: Season 1

Episode # Summary
 The Beginning (PILOT) 1 How Toby_Ender and the tribes came to be...
 Royals and Arrows 2 Toby sets off into the world and meets Carlotta DeTona, but accidentaly steps into the sights of the world's deadliest assassain...
The Return 3 The Nether Regioners are attacking the Overworld...only Toby, Carlotta and James can stop them!
Captured 4 Toby is captured by his worst fear.....zombies...
Enderman Love 5 Toby falls into a cavern, and finds something that will change his life forever.
Love Pyramid 6 Along with new teammate Tamma, the gang discovers a pyramid, but the adventure soon goes awry...
Runaways 7 Two new Leader's Children bump into The Gang, and adventure ensues!
 Come into my Parlor... 8 Toby and James go to retrieve James's bow, only to be captured by a villianous new Leader's Child!
Moving Target 9 Carlotta is kidnapped by a skeleton hitman....and the Creeper Tribe returns....
Moving Target-Pt.2 10 The conclusion to Ep. 9!
War of the Worlds 11 Pt. 1 of the exciting finale! What will happen to the gang in one of the biggest fights in their lives?


12 The moment at least 5 people have been waiting for! The season finale of END!

More coming soon!

That's all for now, but there will soon be more characters! :D

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