Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fictions article.

Eagle's talon

Eagle's Talon.

Eagle's Talon is an ancient creeper that lived before Herobrine came. She was sisters with Velvet Streak and had the rare ability to fly. Her father and mother are unconfirmed.


Eagle's Talon was described as "a moonlit fury" in several different places. She went out often at night to take down spiders on her own. The wounds left on her enemies were often bad or fatal, but she never killed any. Her and Velvet Streak would do almost everything together. At that time, creepers and spiders were against each other in a war of discrimination.

Eagle's Talon lived to see Herobrine. Sadly, her sister did not. This brave warrior of the sky died 2 months after Herobrine arrived.

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