Earth Creepers are the
Earth Creeper Remake

Earth Creeper

intellegent, forest-dwelling variation of their cousin, Creepers. They are only found in deep jungles and use the advantage of their surroundings to survive. They aren't much different than the regular Creeper, other than their rarity and consept of nature. Also called Flora Creepers.


Earth Creepers are extremely annoying, as they will wait in trees and pounce on nearby animals and miners. They aim to land squarely on the shoulders of their target, crushing them. They do not explode like normal Creepers. Once they stun their target, they leap off its back and will headbutt, kick, and tackle their way to victory. This is also how they hunt for food. They are capable of taking down man-made structures when in packs as long as it's made of a soft material/something of low resistance (Dirt, Sand, Mycelium, Leaves, Wool, Glass, and Soul Sand), leaving many people with destroyed structures. Their grassy colours allows them to blend in to their surroundings easily.


Earth Creepers are slowed down x5 when walking on Soul Sand or Ice and will sink when in water/lava, making them open to attack if forced to enter The Nether or upon traps. They will flee from all hostile mobs, including provoked wolves, thus if trapped out during the night, they will be too busy fleeing from monsters to pay attention to miners and traps.


Earth Creepers are found in huge colonies in thick parts of Jungle biomes. Caution is strongly advised when entering a Jungle, as miners can easily be ambushed by Earth Creepers waiting up in trees. If you start to see feathers, leather, chicken, steaks, wool, or pork chops, be aware that an Earth Creeper is most likely nearby. Fighting one alone is difficult, but a pack of Earth Creepers to a careless or unprepared miner could lead to a huge loss of items. Never bring cats with you when going into a deep jungle, as cats are easily overpowered by Earth Creepers and can lead to more trouble.


Earth Creepers are harder to fight than lots of hostile mobs, but following these tips should bring down the likeness of encountering one:

  • If you have a bucket of water in your hand, the likeness of having to fight an Earth Creeper is halved. This is because Earth Creepers fear water; they cannot swim and will sink.
    • Due to this, Having a Water Creeper attack an Earth Creeper will be difficult since they run away from water.
  • On a visit to a jungle, look for rustling trees; Earth Creepers will be hiding in these and do not expect you to look up at them.
  • When in contact with a light level of 7 or less, they cower because they aren't able to see in the dark and will be open to strike.