Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.
Emerald's Glow

Emerald's Glow.

Emerald's Glow is an ancient creeper that lived before Herobrine came. She was famous for many deeds, including being in the same family line as Rose from Hunters.


Emerald's Glow was refferenced as "the shining beauty" in many different places. She was a leader of the second-highest rank when she was alive, first taken by Cloudy Night. Tiger's Roar was born about a few months after Emerald's Glow took place in the leader's rank, and he admired her dazzling coat.

Emerald's Glow lived a long time after Herobrine came and died about 20 years after he was shunned out.


  • During Moon's naming ceremony, Herobrine already knew that Emerald's Glow was in her family line, and he named her after her ancestor, Emerald.
  • Emerald's Glow is in Herobrine's dimension, but Emerald never finds out that her own ancestor lived there.
  • Emerald's Glow is seen living in the Tribe of Rushing Water in Hunters: Whispering Echoes.

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