This is for the character in Hunters. If you want to see the gem, see Emerald (Item). If you want to see the ancient mob, see Emerald's Glow.


Emerald. Note her pale green skin.

Emerald is the main character in Hunters. She has pale green skin and a deep vengeance for humans.
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Emerald, origonally Rose, lived with her mother and father in a cave. One day, the father went and never returned because he was ambushed by a human. A storm prior to the Prologue hit the area badly and left many of them without homes. The human attacked Rose's mother in a failed attempt. This left her mentally scarred and out for revenge.

Herobrine met her and took her in his dimension of mosters who had either been brought in or passed away long ago. She was then trained by fellow creepers to fight in the final battle against humans. The residents wanted monsters to rule the lands instead of humans, and the only to get rid of them was to fight them.

Her name was later changed to Moon, even though she wasn't receiving a mentor. Hail afterwards was renamed Sapphire and her mentor became Jay. A young creeper named Silver joined Moon and Sapphire. They practiced in a play-fight when Silver ran away.