Ender skaidron

Ender Skaidron

Ender Skaidrons are an extremely rare mob found in The End. They are, however, a huge nuisance to the Player because they hae exactly the same behavior as the Ender Dragon, despite not being bosses. They only have 30 hp (15 <3), which is just five more hearts than the player.


Ender Skaidrons are so rare, some people think that they don't even exist. They have exactly the same behavior as the Ender Dragon, however they have one attack that is called the End Twist. When low in health, an Ender Skaidron will jump up (because they can't fly), then crush the player with their tails and coil around them like a snake, dealing about 1 <3 of damage per second for five seconds before leaping out of the way. When killed, they have a chance of dropping an Ender Ring.


Ender Skaidrons have a 0.092% of spawning in every 3x3x3 End Stone volume, making it possible to spawn an Ender Skaidron in the Nether or the Overworld.

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