EpicFailiure is an actual minecraft player who enjoys building and working with redstone.



Premium Player

The Epic Yet The Failed




Mob Fighter


Trying to get

Redstone Machine Maker

Uber Builder

Diamond Finder

Redstone Maniac



EpicFailiure has many wepons, but his most notable one is his diamond sword with Knockback I and Sharpness II. This allows him to kill most enemies in 2 hits. He also carries his collection of Sharpness II Iron swords around when he doesnt want to use up his diamond sword. Often, he may collect iron shovels due to them being the least consuming crafted wepon. In PVE, EpicFailiure is an amazing attacker, even when attacking endermen. Though on PVP, he is horrible and is still practicing on it.

Greifing History

Please note, this was all on a server with greifing allowed.

  1. First greifed a small abandon home to collect rescources.
  2. Greifed an ocean shack with a flint and steel leaving a sign saying "I thought you may need some home improvments. :)"
  3. Was killed in a duel against a diamond sword weilder
  4. Greifed many homes in an effort to find chests
  5. Stole Diamonds
  6. Settled in a greifed village undetected and put all greifed items in a chest


EpicFailiure has a kind personality unless provoked by being mean or attacking. He has a policy- I will not greif unless others do. This policy has an exception on greifing allowed servers.


EpicFailiure makes his own skins. His main one is one of his Steve Variations, although it is not allowed for others to use his main skin. 

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