Eternal nether legbrace finished

Eternal Nether Legbrace

An Eternal Nether Legbrace is the strongest armour availible. It only covers the Pants slot, however it provides insane power and protection to the wearer. It can be crafted with a Pearl of Eternal Nether in the middle and 4 Gold Braces surrounding it in a ring fashion.


The Eternal Nether Legbrace provides over 40 <3 of protection, including immunization to swords with Fire Aspect and Looting. It can take 2,000 hits before breaking, however when it breaks, you keep the Pearl of Eternal Nether. Plus, when the player kills an animal wearing this, the animal will drop 5x the XP and items, and the wearer levels up with about 50% less XP needed. Also, when enchanting, the tool/bow/armour will automatically receive all possible enchantments at maximum level, however the Legbrace itself cannot be enchanted. Any (Corrupted) Nether Mobs will obey the player in a 60 block range. The pearl on the sprite and on the player's skin will glow reddish black when a Nether mob is nearby. It can also prevent the following effects: Oblivion, Scourge, B-Charge, Wither, Cave Spider venom, and VenomBlade posion. Any swords the wearer is holding with one of these effects, however, will not be inflicted when used. This is one downside to wearing the Eternal Nether Legbrace, as it takes away the special powers of these swords.

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