Waterkeepers of Fah'turhn are painted blue to depict them from others and are specially designated to fetch water from whatever source possible. To be a Waterkeeper is chosen at birth, and they must be female and physically strong enough to endure the heat of the desert.


Waterkeepers must constantly go back and forth from desert to kingdom to keep the water in the castle at a stable ammount to where it won't run out too quickly. They are taught usually by a Warrior that is designated to patrol the castle and the Waterkeeper will be paid with bronze coins at every half-moon, depending on how much water they find. Because they are all female, serpents that are male will often try to get their attention, but distraction is against the law for Waterkeepers.

The water is stored in a giant bronze bucket that has miniature bronze pails somewhat near that the Waterkeepers use to fill it up with water. Other serpents seldom disturb one of their duties because it is against the law, and because there is always a Warrior looking out for unauthorized trespassers. Waterkeepers are only to drink one-sixth of the water they find to allow everybody else to have some, but thus Waterkeepers do not live for longer than 12 years because of malnutrition and dehydration.

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