Fire skaidron

Fire Skaidron

Fire Skaidrons are the Nether variation of their mountain-dwelling fellow cousins. They are very large and tend to have a fiery temper, being easily angered by the slightest thing the player does. They snarl and roar often and screech when hurt. They can enter Nether Portals, thus making it possible to have a Fire Skaidron in the Overworld. Similar to all Nether Mobs, they cannot be hurt by fire or lava.


Fire Skaidrons are easily provoked, remaining initially docile and follow the Player when in a 30-block radius. If the player or mob kills a Fire Creeper, any nearby Fire Skaidrons will turn hostile in a 100-block radius. They can shoot fireballs similar to a Ghast's and headbutt their target to deal huge damage (8 <3!).

An interesting feature about Fire Skaidrons is that they can enter any kind of portal, which means that if The Player can successfully lead a Fire Skaidron and a Fire Creeper into The End and have a mob or boss there kill it, the Fire Skaidron(s) will be a big help to defeating the Ender Dragon, Ender Steve, Herobrine, and Blue Thunder. They do not attack Skaidrons.


Fire Skaidrons are very common in The Nether and, extremely rarely, underground lava lakes in the Overworld.

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