Flame-Maned Creeper

Flame-Backed Creeper

Flame-Backed Creepers are another creeper variation from the Nether. They are neutral at first, but then they turn hostile if a Fire Creeper is hit. They spawn more commonly when there is a Dynonn nearby.


Flame-Backed Creepers are easily avoidable. However, if a player is fighting a Fire Creeper, they might not have the best of luck. They have 35 <3 and spit fireballs that ignite whatever it touched, but won't burn inflammable blocks. If the Player makes physical contanct with them, they are ignited for however long they remain touching the Flame-Backed Creeper. They drop 0-3 Fire upon death. Their weakness is water, which will extinguish the flames and killing the creeper, thus making it possible to farm Flame-Backed Creepers.


Flame-Backed Creepers live in the Nether, normally spawning at 4x4 range of 45% in groups of 3-5, but spawn in 4x5 of 68% when there is a Dynonn nearby. They flee from Nightmare Dynonn.


Flame backed kreepah

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