The Followers of Rholn are the deceased that died either fighting Rholn, or died from a curse that was forced upon them from Rholn. Once they are dead, they are forced to obey Rholn nonetheless.


The Followers of Rholn have no distinct appearance; they are always changing shape and are sometimes able to impersonate people, places, or things as perfectly as if they actually were that thing. They are neither Angelic nor Demonic, neither dead nor alive, yet they are killable. They like to trick their enemies by faking a death, then appearing to them again moments later.

It does not matter what species the Rholn followers are, they will all have the same general look and shapeshift into the same things. People seem to be taller, and monsters lower to the ground. They otherwise are hard to tell what they really are.

Rholn followers bear no weapons or armor. Their highly distorted aura is enough to seriously hurt a mortal or ghost. They have no specific tier, but some think they are non-fully classified tier called Norha.

When Followers of Rholn are not in their shadow form (the form they seem to often take which switches appearances), they usually take on the appearance of their living "body" before they died, always wearing a grey hoodie with a gold "W" at the front. The W is for Rholn's generic term 'The White One', often used by talking mobs. Rholn followers often call their leader The White One as well, or sometimes Rholn the White, The Eternal Shadow, or simply The One.


  • Rholn's followers are much more aggressive than Rholn himself. Due to this, people who have encountered his followers often overestimate his temper.
  • Although Rholn's main color is white, his follower's symbol for him (the W) is gold.

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