Broken singer


Fractis'cantor is a very distorted, corrupt, and broken ghost that is found only in Shirin.


Fractis'cantor was once a Lylan human, but in the war that attempted to bring the Lylans down, she was badly injured by a Wither that had apparently been used to fight. She fled to Shirin without knowing, and died on the island. Instead of becoming a Mourning Phantom, she was morphed into something much worse; a ghostly Wither with a broken, shrill, and cracked voice that prevented her from singing, cursed to never die or leave the island.


Fractis'cantor is most often found in the center of Shirin, but she will only come from between midnight to before the first streak of dawn. You will hear her shrill cry in the tone of a song.

(cutscene lines)

  • Shrill singing is heard*

The Player: What the heck is that? *walks to the source*

?: Aaaaeeee  aaaeeeeeee oooooeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaa!

The Player: Who are you?

?: *highly distorted voice* I am Fractis'cantor!

  • Fractis'cantor charges into the Player*

(end of cutscene)

Fractis'cantor is somewhat hard to beat. To her advantage, she can shoot 6 wither skulls at once that chase the player for a few seconds before blowing up as well as being immune to all attacks while in her origonal form. However, these skulls are able to be hit back, like a ghast's fireball, and if they hit Fractis'cantor, she momentarily gets vulnerable to attacks. You can tell when she is vulnerable when you see the transparency go away and she becomes solid. Hit her with a Spirit Scythe before she turns transparent again. Mourning Phantoms will be helping her, but only try to distract the Player and do not actually hit them. When she has lost all her health, another cutscene will play.

(Cutscene lines)

  • Fractis'cantor is switching between solid and transparent, lying on the ground*

The Player: Ugh. Whatever happened to you?

Fractis'cantor: I will be back!

  • Fractis'cantor vanishes*

(end of cutscene)

After the boss is defeated, the player gets 75 XP orbs and several Spirit Scythes with random and high enchantments.


  • Fractis cantor is Latin for "Broken singer".

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