Frost Creepers are mobs found only in Icengard and The Descent
Frost Creeper

Frost Creeper

. They are docile unless attacked, in which all nearby Frost Creepers will attack. Wherever they walk, a trail of Blue Snow is left behind. This is only noticable outside of Icengard.


Frost Creepers can shoot Iceballs (the opposite of fireballs) that freeze anything on contact. The iceball leaves behind no crater, but does initially deal 2 1/2 <3. The longer the mob/player is trapped in the ice, the slower and slower their future movements will become. They have 45 <3 but are weak to fire weapons, which, in this case, will deal double damage than normal to these creepers. When killed, they have a 24% chance of dropping 0-1 Ice Shards.


Frost Creepers only spawn in Icengard and The Descent , having a 60% chance of appearing in every 5x5 block area in groups of 2-5. a 5-group is very rare.

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