Galactic creeper

The Galactic Creeper. The Eyes represent the sun and moon. The white dots Represent stars. The waves on its torso represent Neptune. And the Spiked Ice Mace Head on its tail Represents Pluto. Yes, I still count pluto as a planet.

Galactic Creepers sure know how to be really cool mobs.  They are Hostile Towards players and other non-galactic mobs in atempt to prove how all other species are inferior to their own galactic species.  They will spawn in the Spacial Rift, but on extremely rare occasions, can also spawn in the overworld.  They can also be seen drinking water.  When these creepers drink water, the drinking sound is the same as the drinking sound for players.  When killed, they drop 23 Gunpowder.


These mobs have 100 health.   They also have 6 armor points, making these creepers a force to be reckoned with so far.


That creeper's macehead on it's tail is NOT for decoration.  It's a method of attack.  It can use that massive mace of theirs to swing at you and if a player gets hit, it does 20 damage, dangerous to players even with a lot of health EXP. And This creeper can also spin-jump, which does 11 damage.  They can also use their ultimate attack while they have less than 40 health left.  It's the same effect as the nova bomb, but it also draws entities into the circle of gravity.

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