• What a mortal sees when they are looking at a Ghandra; they think it is just a cloud of smoke
  • What a sayora and skura sees when looking at a Ghandra
  • Real appearance of a Ghandra, what only Derikas can see

Ghandra (GONE-druh) are a common, highly distorted, reptilian Nocturnan animals that somewhat resemble a crocodile/alligator. They appear as a cloud of smoke to mortals, and their true appearance can only be seen by a Derika. They are the favoured pet for Nocturnans. They are easily angered, yet are easy to calm down (they can only be calmed by people with Nocturnan heritage). They are so distorted, even the shading and lighting that bounces off is reversed. They are hunted often by Mjin.

Some people think that they originated from a crocodile's Oblivion Timeline and were put on Nocturna in order to guard it for some future purpose by a gang of Oblivion Creepers.


Ghandras are huge; they can easily bowl over an elephant. They are 10 blocks long at max, but usually are 7 or 8 blocks long. They use their weight as an advantage and ram into anything that annoys them. Their heads and skulls are very tough and built to absorb shock from collision from other Ghandras, like rams. They mostly use their head in a fight - litteraly. They rarely use their legs since they are absent of claws and their front feet are twisted inward. Their six eyes help them depict certain movement: their red eyes can see heat waves (so they can find prey that might be hiding after exhausted from running), their yellow eyes can see how much electricity is in an area, and their blue eyes are of general use. With these, it is very hard to hide from a Ghandra since they can see through walls and see invisible waves. Since their scales are so thick, it is hard for even a Derika to deal any successful damage to them. Their only weakness is their slow speed. Some Nocturnans hunt down Ghandras and eat them.


Ghandras only live in Nocturna.

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