This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction


Goats are Passive Mobs found in the overworld, Calfloward and Juniow They are like Cows and Sheep and cousins of Sheep. They are the primary source of milk, leather and raw beef.


They have Horns, Hooves, Udder (like cow), any skin (brown/white/grey/ or mixed). The males do not have any Udder.


Goats behave the same way as sheep but has a different Sound of Bleating. They only attack Wolves that trys to harrass them. Like Sheep, Goats eat grass. They are tameable like horses but is not rideable nor wear armour. They are breedable and follows you anywhere you go when holding Wheat. They also duel (the Males headbutt each other). When killed they drop Mutton and Leather.


They are bred by Wheat. The young is smaller than it.


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