Note: This doesn't exist, It's just fiction

Creeper - Copy (3)

Golden Creeper the Golden Creeper

- Never mess with my friends nor me, Gareth

-Golden Creeper to '''Excreepinator

Golden Creeper or Golden Apple (by Cyclop Creeper) is one of Kreepah's friend and a protagonist is certain Kreepah and Friends series comics. Golden Creeper is the first friend that was known.


  • Yellow


Golden Creeper is Kreepah's best friend and a friendly, Generous and a Creeper of Justice. Golden has the same friends as Kreepah, He's a lifesavor and a well trusted friend. He has perciverence and his arch-nemisis is Herobrine


Gareth Gilbert Goldcreeps (aka Golden) was born on Planet Kreepton and it is unknown when he was born. He is still afraid of Cats like all creepers (exept Kreepah) He was a nerd when he was young.


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