This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction
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Golden Dragon

Gold Dragon or Golden Dragons are Dragons that are found in Leethers around Water Pillars. They cannot destroy Leether Rocks, They are large and tend to be Neutral, tameable and breedable.


It is easily angered by the things Diamond Dragons do. They snarl and roar often and screech when hurt. They can enter Calfloward and Possible World, thus making it possible to have a Golden Dragon in the Overworld. Similarly to all Iron Golems, they are very strong but the Golden Dragons are Very Strong and weaker than Ender Dragons. They are the rival of Diamond Dragons and when they duel, the Diamond Dragon tends to kill it. When dead they drop 4 Golden Blocks.

Taming and Breeding

To tame a Golden Dragon, you need 13 Golden Nuggets. They are easily tamed like Wolves and can be saddled. To breed them, you need Golden Apples like Horses. It will lay a Golden Dragon Egg.

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