Golden Vytl

Golden Vytl

Golden Vytls are hybrids of Nether Vytls and Golden Creepers. They are used for iconic purposes and for profit of breeding the two rare parents. They are also skinned for their gold coat and mist.


Golden Vytls are tame enough to know not to attack humans (similar to a Horse in real life, they let you get on their back). In fact, it is possible to ride a Golden Vytl because of their size and strength. They are quiet around people, but when alone with others of its own kind, they can make a lot of noise. It is impossible to find Golden Vytls in the wild, so all are tame but aren't nessisarily kept as pets.

Riding Golden Vytls can be a long and stressful process. They don't like to be ridden unless they like their rider or are busy with something else to not care. They are highly aware to their surroundings, though, and may notice extra weight on their back.


Golden Vytls are never found wild. They are usually at breeding stables, riding stables, or factories that skin their gold coat.

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