Graesters (pronounced GREY-ster) is the name given to monsters with Greek names or live in a tribe among others. They are technically a race, yet none are human.

Naming Rules

  • Graen names all end with either "os", "ios", or "ia"
  • Names are not recycled, therefore there is no such thing as a "III" in a family and all names must be differen
  • Graen names often are rule-breakers in the English language when it comes to how they are pronounced (e.x. Tephios, pronounced AY-hee-os)
  • Graen names have a limit to how long they can be (max. 8 characters)
  • Graen names cannot be 4 characters and under
  • A graen cannot use real words in their name (Seasios, Woolia, Redios) unless it is a word in Scourgis or Rejin (Farronos, Eayaria, ect.)
  • A graen cannot be named after Greek or Roman deities (Zeus, Hera, Vulcan, Poseidon, Mercury, Dionysus, Aphrodite, Jupiter, ect.)
  • Graens are strictly prohibited of using names that are reffering to people and places that are world-famous; this rule applies to all cultures, and not just Minecraftia


Graen members have a leader, two that are second-in-command that are reffered to as "deputies", one or two "healers" (graesters that work with herbal medicine), food-catchers, and tribe-guarders.

  • Current Leader: Dyneos (spider)
  • Current Deputies: Chrybios (spider) and Fyrios (blaze)
  • Current Healer(s): Zysios (Abactor Creeper)
  • Current Food-Catchers: Dyreios (spider), Torios (Zap-Pulse), Bojios (ghast), Achaos (spider), Orytia (spider)and Draeos (creeper)
  • Current Tribe-Guarders: Felios (creeper), Hyrios (ghast), Lyrios (spider), Qerios (Zap-Pulse), Deletios (enderman), and Hyunos (enderman)
  • Deceased graesters: Ashyos (creeper) and Asyos (Hy-Brid)

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