This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction

Greytonians are one of the most famous but second strongest major races, trying to tie second with the Witherans.


Boss - Copy (2) - Copy

Human - Creeper - Wither - Three headed Dragon

They reacts like Herobrine and Haskoradom. They can transform to Creepers, Withers and Dragons (some of them) .

How were they born

Mr. Greyton

Mr. Greyton

Former Scientist, Mr. Greyton, created a DNA that can make them become strong, vicious and transformable. He captured them and drop those DNA in Men and Women's ears. Many became engaged and gave birth to new Greytonians. He started Creating Clothing for them and created Chaos. One of the most Diabolical known Greytonian was Mr. Negative.

Well Known Greytonians

Culture and Costums

Greytonians are  Evolist race, similar to Herobrinians and Witherans .They try to stay "in the middle" of power to avoid attraction attention. They are hostile like Spiders (when hit they attack). They believe that they should look out for each other and give out help when needed. Despite being cannibalistic, it is seen very rarely among Greytonians, only noticable during extreme famine, just likr Witherans. Because competition is harsh between Netherans since both mainly live in the BlackNether, it is not unusual to sometimes see Greytonians stealing supplies from other races (especially humans).

Likes and Dislikes

They Dislikes human beings and Passive Mobs. They Kill all Golems they see. They like gemstones, Armours and weapons. They sometimes appear wearing Armors and holding Sapphire Swords.


They are like Humans but can transform. There are also Females and Children. The female do not have goatees neither when transformed. They have Dark, Red Eyes, Read heads, Grey Shirt and Dark Grey Pants, Blue Shoes and Full Red Eyes (when Transformed to another Mob)


They live in a Village in BlackNether that looks similar to a Regular Nether Village. There are no Water and their food is Nether Wart, Pumpkin and Potatoes.

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