Happy halloween! And I don't care that I'm 2 months late, so sue me.

The halloween stronghold.....  Unentered in years.........  All that have entered the stronghold have never been seen or heard from again..........  Rumors say that it is connected to the nether itself............  Rumors even say that it may contain the temple of the corrupted ghast itself.............  Or even...............


This story is from the prespective of Tini, a blue Victini minecrafter who is male. Takes place after ender quest.  Credits will be added when fanfic is finished.

Chapter 1: I can take the heat

"That's right zombies, BUUUUUURN! Burn from the power of fire aspect!" That was me literally BURNING THROUGH a zombie swarm with a fire aspect 8 emerald sword.  And guess what I found on the sidewalk? A FLAMETHROWAR! I used said FLAMETHROWAR to kill some skeletons.  Then, I entered the halloween stronghold.  Then, two blazes popped out of nowhere and were like "FLAMETHROWAR!" But I had Drunk a Fire Resistance Potion, so the fireballs did nothing to me.  That emerald sword I mentioned earlier had sharpness 10 as well.  One slash, and the blazes were dead.  Some wither skeletons also came at me, but they were a breeze compared to that PURPLE GHAST WITH HANDS! I continued further into the stronghold, and BAM! It happened.  A horde if angry zombie pigmen that looked like godzilla and had two gold swrds in thier hands.  Only a bit of a problem.

Chapter 2: Floating Jack-O-Lanterns that shoot fireballs and some floating skulls that look like they're on fire! WOW, this chapter name is long.

Then, suddeny, JACK-O-LANTERNS.  They shot fireballs at me, and I counter with an emerald bow.  Easy! Nore Jackolanterns? MY BOW HAS SPREAD 4! Then these flaming skulls that I like to call "Lost souls" pop out and charge at me, but I dodged and arrowed!

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