Don't be confused with Hector Stephenson.
Bros - Copy

Herobrine's Apprentice.

You shouldn't have cross the Devil's Triangle!!

Hector Goldstache exclaimed to the Brothers

Hector Goldstache or Herobrine's Apprentice is an undead, Herobrinian man that appeared in Kreepah and Friends: The Birth of the Dragon and Justicraft. He was known as the smartest and richest Herobrinian in the world.


  • Blonde
  • Pink Shirt
  • Blue Pants
  • Herobrine Eyes


Hector Hamilton Goldstache was born as a Herobrinian Warrior to murder Creepers. By that he make Golds and Diamonds. He also killed Dragons Herobrine and Withers. He can transform to a Wither. Before becoming Undead, a Quencher frose him. Hector bagan to kill Rainbow Villagers and ate their flesh. He was killed again by Kreepah when he was overraged and landed in the sea in the Bermuda Triangle. He possibly snucked into Hector and Antonio's sailboat. 


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