This is apart of the RPG.


Heroada is the name given to the baby Water Kylet that was found by EpicFailiure. He had unique traits that differ from other natural babies, and prior to this, he can speak (some) English.


Heroada is undersized, but he has an abnormally large brain mass. He is very smart (That is, for a baby!), and knows how to morph and likes to mimic people. He learns a lot purely by observation, and will sometimes be speaking in Rejin. EpicFailiure's Skia Laroskei (Ao'Tha) trains him to do things when Epic is not there at the time being.

Heroada can pick up sounds, scents, and images that can be tens of hundreds of miles away. His extreme sences hinder his size, but he can use this to track down people who have run away or gotten lost. He is naturally rough, and likes to tackle people to the ground. Heroada is naturally affectionate, and seems to be tied fairly close to his finder, EpicFailiure.

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