Herobrine IV (2009-present)

Herobrine Himself

I did it because your mother knew that the Rulers would find out. It was because I loved her, and no code could hold me back from doing so. It was the hard desicion that some people just have to make. Bonds are made to protect; I don't need a code to do it so. It's a rebel's life.
Herobrine, Anxious and Unforgiven

This mob is a Member of The Rulers.

Ruler Name

Ruler Hero

Herobrine IV (Or Simply Herobrine (R.L.S.T. 2009 - Present (M.S.T. around Alpha - Present) was the first miner in Minecraft history. He is known as a ghost and disbodied possessed extinct figure that wanders lands where people have been. He grew a bond between monsters and is known to be the only one who has done so. He is widely known as a Ruler and is a strong member of them despite being restricted to what he can or can't do. It is much like the green steve. He is also the Son of Herobrine III and a mother whose name is never said of. He is also the Father of his own Children in his possible future Herobrine V (A.K.A. HeroSon) and Herobrinetté (A.K.A. HeroDaughter). He is current member of his family to conceal his identity to people and also to be the strongest and scariest to the lands of minecraft as well. He is also a well known entity that is rumored many times by different people through history. He also tends to hide himself from people sometimes and also help out other evil entities in the Overworld as well.


He was born in a certain place along with his father Herobrine III and his unnamed Mother. After losing his brother Ender Steve in an unknown scenario, he searched but never found him. When he was alive, he went by "Steve" and all of his friends were monsters. He befriended the creepers instead of fighting them. There were no skeletons or zombies because he was the very first live human there. After many years, other miners came and shunned him out because of his bond with the spiders and creepers. The newcomers fought the monsters, and Steve became Herobrine. He lived in The Afterworld from then on and no longer grew older. This is the reason for his eternal hatred against miners.

In his family tree is Mark, who had never shown himself in his life. They were separated at birth from a tornado and never met each other. He grew up never knowing he had two brothers.


Herobrine rarely appears and when he does, he is almost

A Herobrine Sighting

impossible to fight. He will lure miners to traps or appear to them in plain sight. He has no real tactic and does not use one or more mostly. Like an enderman, he can teleport.

He is apart of three bosses (they're all the same Herobrine, just challenged at separate times):