Author: ThaChompyLeader

(This story takes place after The Final Attempt, apparently the day afterwards was Halloween.)

Herobrine's Halloween

"Halloweenie? Is that a dog of some kind?" Shade tipped his head to one side in confusion.

"It's Halloween," Herobrine corrected him. "It's the time when people go door to door looting candy. I think I could give them a big scare."

"But you already sent Phoenix fleeing away to who knows where," Emerald's Glow pointed out. "Isn't that enough terror in one day?"

"Not enough for me," The ghostly being replied, shaking his head. "They all distrusted and drove me away, remember?"

An eerie silence fell over the creepers.

"I know what I'm going to do, and I'm doing it alone. They can't defeat me twice."


Herobrine stalked over to the trees. It was midnight, which was around the time when kids started going out. The tidy little hometown had Halloween lights on the houses and a few pumpkins that had carved faces and pictures on them. Some children were dressed up as witches and bunnies.

"I got more candy than you!" A bunny-suit girl slugged her friend on the shoulder.

"I have more than you! Look!" The other was dressed as a witch. The two giggled and threw their bags in each other's faces to see how much candy they had.

"Kids," Herobrine grumbled. He stalked towards the oblivious girls,
Herobrine on halloween
keeping to the shadows of the trees. They had no idea that he was right behind them.

"RAAAH!" He shouted. A bolt of lightning out of nowhere lit his face up, making him appear like he was a ghost. The girls shrieked and ran away, forgetting their bags of candy and leaving them behind.

Almost immediatly, the lights inside of the houses began to flicker on, and muffled voices echoed through the buildings. The two girls were screaming and shouting about a ghost to anyone who would listen.

Word spread quickly, and parents began to herd their kids to their houses.

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