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Author: ThaChompyLeader

(Please note that the girl in this story is NOT Sky! It was only using Chompy's Wither Girl skin, don't ask. This story takes place about 10 years after Herobrine became a ghost.)


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This story may not be for people who are touchy or nervous about close relationships. Read at your own risk.

A school bell rung loudly. 8th graders streamed out of a tall building, yelling and screaming in excitement. A few teachers ran after them, but there was no control over the recess mob. Eventually, they spread out into their own groups to play various games. Several got pushed to the ground mockingly and others shot some hoops. Everything was abuzz with happiness and fun.

Among them was Annabeth G. Tucker.

Annabeth, often called Anna by her peers, had white hair and crystal blue eyes. Everybody picked on her because of her quietness and height, often saying "Hey tall-trousers!" or "Hey! It's Anna the Giraffe!". Anna always ignored the remarks and insults that were constantly flung at her, though deep down inside she felt like a moron.

She never felt quite normal. Everybody was always talking about dating each other and "going out", and Anna was sure that nobody would ever like her. All the boys avoided her in Athletics, none of the girls talked to her, and poor Annabeth sat at a lunch table all by herself, only to be confronted by the class bullies.

On Friday, she was taking a geography assessment when the recess bell rang five minutes early. At first, nobody did anything. But a few seconds later, the kids flooded outside and did their normal routine of screaming and running.

Annabeth, however, was not finished with the quiz. She stayed put and continued to write. The teacher, Mr. Koala, shot a second glace at her and walked over.

"Is something wrong, Miss Tucker?" He bent over to look at her paper, which was flooded with neat handwriting and numbers.

"Just finishing up the quiz," She spoke quietly without even looking up from the paper.

"Go outside with the others and get some fresh air," Mr. Koala patted her on the back. "I know you are a hard worker, but even scientists need breaks." Anna looked up and walked in the hallway silently to the door. When she opened it, a wave of cold air passed through her.

Without hesitating, she walked outside and sat by the curb and watched everybody frolic and prance, but something caught her eye. Two small, glowing white orbs was gleaming through the bushes past the schoolyard fence about sixty feet away. To her surprise, the orbs disappeared.

Curiosity took the best of her. Annabeth dodged footballs and frizbees, following the place where she saw the white orbs, then hesitated when she bumped into the fence. It was against the rules to go out in the forest.

Anna shrugged the thought away and jumped the fence, walking through the ferns. She flinched when she saw a man standing in front of her, his backed turned. He had not seen her.

"What are you doing here?" The man started, not turning around.

"Uh...nothing," He responded with a croak. "Just watching the sky."

"For what? Aliens? And why won't you look at me?"

"For reasons you would not want to know."

"Well, I'd never get to know you if you don't show me your face. At least tell me your name."

The man flinched, then spoke very softly.

"Herobrine. Is that enough information?" Anna had never heard of him. Despite the old legends of a ghost haunting the town, she wasn't convinced that he would be him.

"Please just show me your face." Herobrine sighed, then turned around. Anna wasn'
Herobrine and annabeth
t very surprised that he was the man with the white eyes glowing from the bushes.

"You have a very interesting name." Herobrine blushed bright red, then turned around. "I think it's a cool name. Where did you come up with it?"


"My name is Annabeth, but you can call me Anna."

"Anna?" Herobrine turned around again.

"Well, yeah. I didn't choose it myself. My step-mom did. But nobody really cares, because as far as they're concerned, my nickname is "Giraffe Lady" because everybody thinks my real name is an ugly name." Anna didn't know why, but she felt like she could tell Herobrine everything.

Herobrine remained silent for a long, heavy moment, then finally responed.

"I think it's a beautiful name."

Anna was sitting at the dining room table at her house picking at her dinner. Her mind often floated off into space, always having the same conclusion to wanting to see Herobrine again.

"Dear, eat your carrots, don't play with them." Anna's step-mom pleaded.

"Mom, does it really matter if people can date in middle school?" She blurted out. Her step-mom gave her a funny look.

"You shouldn't be dating until next year," She responded sweetly. "But that doesn't mean you can't start browsing. Don't take it too personally, it's not that I'm against kids dating, but you are still a tad young." With that thought, Anna sat up and left to go to her room.

"Dear, please-" She couldn't hear the rest. Too young? Does it really matter? I certainly haven't fallen in love yet, have I?

But the thought of Herobrine completely washed her sences away. She felt like she was on a log, by the Silver Bay, seeing the luminous reflections in the water, hand in hand with Herobrine, staring up at the stars...

"Annabeth." The voice made her jump. It was her father. She fell off the bed with an oomph! and looked up.

Her father looked concerned. "Is something the matter, Anna? Your face is red."

Anna hadn't realized it, but she was blushing. "Uh, y-yeah, I'm fine. You can go now."

"Not before you finish your carrots. They're good for you."

"Ugh, fine," Anna mumbled and dragged herself sleepily down the stairs. Quickly finished her food and tossing the plate in th sink, she dashed outside, past the school, over the fence, and into the forest.

Herobrine was nowhere to be seen.

"Where are you?" She whispered. She knew that if one of the kids caught her sneaking by the forest, she would probably get ISS.

But to Anna, finding Herobrine was more important than whatever punishment the school could throw at her.

"Come on! It's just me! I'm Anna, remember?" She spoke slightly louder, wandering deeper and deeper on the forest floor. "Please!"

No answer.

Anna fell and sobbed, her body trembling. "Please..."

"Are you looking for me?"

Emotions suddenly flooded over her. Herobrine was standing about a yard away. She felt embarrassed, relieved, but still sad at the same time. But there was one more emotion she was experiencing that she wasn't familiar with. It sent a channel of heat through her body.

She pushed the thought away, trying to wipe away her tears, her face turning bright red. "Uh...where were you?"

"If nobody else cares about where I go," Herobrine responded darkly. "Then why is it that you do?"

"Because everybody needs somebody to be their friends!"

Herobrine snapped his head up. He had never heard of anyone talk about the subject of friends before. "You mean it?"

"Yes, by the bottom of my soul, I would never do anything that would harm you. You are human too, you know. I really mean what I say, and what I'm saying is I'm not like them. I don't like them at all....but I like you."

Herobrine, shocked at her bold words, was not sure how to respond. Instead, he spoke,

"Come with me. I need to show you something."

Anna followed without hesitating. They swerved through spiderwebs and trees until they reached their destination.

Wha Anna saw made her want to vomit.

Dead trees were scattered around everywhere, with several animal carcasses lying motionless on the ground. The grass was a greyish lime, tinted with soot and ash. Tree truncks littered the landscape, looking like bugs in the horizon. The trees had been cut down.

"Annabeth." Herobrine spoke in a hurt tone. "This is what they've done."

Anna resisted the urge to cry. "It's so horrible..."

"They chop down the trees to make paper and other wooden supplies without even bothering to replant them. It's a big problem for the animals, because if their home is ever completely destroyed, they will die."
Herobrine and annabeth2

She couldn't hold it in any longer. The scene was so horrific she began to weep in silence.

"This isn't right," She wailed. "Why do they do this?"

"It's all in buisness. The only things they care about is money and satisfaction. They chop down the trees but forget to even give the place a little water or more trees. In a matter of weeks, this entire forest could be gone. Without the trees, we'll loose a lot of the air we need-" Herobrine turned and saw her, then stopped.

Anna continued to suffer in silence whilw Herobrine gently laid his hand on her shoulder.

"I'm so sorry, Annabeth."

Then, all of a sudden, her unknown emotion made sence. She had finally figured out which one it was, and what was happening.

She had fallen in love with Herobrine.


Mr. Koala anxiously looked outside. Anna was sitting at the curb, her face bright red, eyes distant. Nobody picked on her so far, which was considered lucky by the other classmates. He walked outside and confronted Anna.

"Is everything alright, Miss Tucker?" He asked. Anna didn't respond at first, then her head shot up.

"What?" She asked, dumbfounded.

"Is everything alright?" Mr. Koala repeated. Anna nodded briskly.

"Yeah. I'm perfectly fine, other than the fact that we could all die because the companies are chopping down all the trees in the forest and not bothering to replant them. Yeah, I'm perfect." Mr. Koala's eyes widened.

"Where did you hear that?"

"Just go look in the forest. Such a wonderful, over-economic based wasteland of crushed dreams."

"Do you need to take a break from the heat?"

"No, but the heat from Her-" She snapped her mouth shut. "Eh, whatever. I'm fine."

"You don't sound like you're ok," Mr. Koala argued. "I won't be mad if you need to take a break. Even-"

"Yeah, yeah, 'Even scientists need breaks'. I know that. But I'm no scientist and I'm definately not interested in being one." Mr. Koala looked puzzled, shrugged, then walked back inside the building. Anna's mind floated away again, thinking about the dead wasteland.

"Hey, Giraffe Lady! Get over here!" Anna rolled her eyes and walked over.

"You don't need to keep calling me that."

"Well, you're gonna stick with it and you're gonna like it!" The class bully barked, whom was three inches shorter than Anna. "What were you doing in the forest?"

"You really don't want to know."

"Oh, really? Will my fist in your jaw be enough to convince you?"

"Will your inner crybaby by Herobrine's feet be enough to convice you to leave me alone?" She retorted. The bully huffed.

"Herobrine? Give me a break, that guy is just a spirit with a murderer's mind!" That set Anna off. She kicked him i the shin, which easily toppled him over. He squealed and barked at the other bullies to get her. They charged, but Mr. Koala and Miss Herenz (the ELA teacher) dragged the two away.

"Who's the crybaby now?" Anna shouted angrily. "The piggy with the curly pink tail?!"

"Who's the Giraffe Lady? Who is it? YOU are! Yes you are!" The bully shot back.

"C'mon, leave me alone, Mr. Koala! I need to get him back!" Anna struggled to get away.

"Violence doesn't solve your problems, young lady," Mr. Koala spoke and dragged her to the school building.

"You are acting rather strange lately, Annabeth Tucker," Mr. Koala paced the floor. "What is happening?"

"Nothing." Anna tried to sound more confident than she felt.

"If it were nothing, then you wouldn't be acting up," Mr. Koala approached her. "I know kids can be rough sometimes, and that the world may seem cruel, but-"

"You want to know the truth?" Anna shouted angrily, standing up in her desk. "Fine! I fell in love with Herobrine! Is that enough to convince you? They treat him like he's dirt! Like a pile of ugly creepers! And they get away with it! They need to be brought to justice!"

Mr. Koala gasped in horror. "Not the murderer-"

"He's NOT a murderer, Mr. Koala!" She barked at him. "He needs friends and you don't give him that chance! He's HUMAN, for the love of pete! You're like 'Herobrine kills people and destroys their stuff! La la la!' which is NOT true! GIVE HIM A CHANCE!"

With that thought, Anna walked back outside and stormed away. She no longer cared about what her teachers or "friends" ever said to her, and felt like she was the one being treated like a pile of dirt. She heard a faint voice in the distance, coming from the school.

Probably Mr. Koala, Anna thought darkly. She was so busy thinking of how to get even, she bumped into the fence and toppled over on her back.

"Ow!" She muttered. Her knee was bruised from the impact. Cursing under her breath, she clumsily jumped over the fence and walked into the forest.

But something was not right. Something was seriously wrong.

There were no trees. No plants, other than shriveled-up grass stalks. Anna nearly tripped over a trunk or two when she saw what was the most cruel thing in her life. A construction worker was yelling and chasing away the sheep and cows, waving around an axe.

A newspaper blew in her face. She picked it off and read the article on the front page.

                                          NO MORE TREES IN CLOUDVILLE

                                     Cloudville, once a prosperous city, has now begun to show signs of withering away. There are no longer any flora in the state area, and officials have predicted that they may need to move away and start a new town. However, the townspeople show no signs of concern, and are perfectly happy with nothing green. MK, a new and mysterious man who came about nine months ago, has suggested the thought of selling air and plastic flora instead of moving

Anna tore the newspaper in half, furious. They have cut down all the trees in the forest in a matter of twenty-four hours and left the beautiful animals homeless and dying. She marched right up to the construction worker and yelled,

"Is this what you call a prosperous city?" The man turned around with a funny look on his face.

He shrugged. "Yeah. I'm totally in with the idea of plastic trees. You won't have to water them or get all dirty and messy trying to plant them-"

"You're all the same!" She screamed, purposefully missing a swing to his head with her fist. "Nothing but money! Cruelty to the animals! If you don't re-plant the trees, we'll all die, and it will be YOUR fault!"

"You're starting to sound like the ghost murderer, lassie." He muttered. Anna balled her fists and huffed.

"I HOPE you move out so I don't have to hear the lies you speak of that man," She retorted.

The construction worker sneered and propped his axe on his shoulder. "You know I can't hit a girl. What're you gonna do, tell on me to that MK dude?"

A cold wind howled in her ears. "Oh, no. Much worse than that." The worker laughed, slapped his thigh, and walked away. Frustration and sadness overwhelmed her body as she tried not to cry. Anna knew that she would get in trouble for walking right out from a conversation with the teacher, but she didn't care.

"I wish I could go far from this horrible place," She whispered to herself. With that thought, she began to march away when she realized her bruised knee. An axe was on the ground, lodged ino the dirt.

She was too slow to react. She tripped over the axe handle, falling on her sore knee. Pain seared through her like fire. Part of the metal axe tore a piece of her shirt, leaving behind a painful mark.

Anna tried to get up, but her knee was still bruised, falling into the ground again. Overwhelmed with pain and sadness, she began to sob for what seemed like hours.

Finally, a hand gently swept over her shoulder. She looked up, utterly relieved to see Herobrine kneeling next to her. Despite having no real eyes, his face had a pained look, filled with grief and sorrow.

"I can't bear to see you in so much pain, Annabeth." He croaked. Her body was flooded with heat, no longer feeling the sharp sting of the bitter wind.

"Please, take me away from here. I cannot stay at Cloudville any longer." Anna hadn't realized what she had said until she had spoken it. A tear ran down her cheek.

"Where?" Herobrine responded, his voice still heavy.

"Anywhere, as long as I'm with you."


It had been several days since they last met. Anna grew worried whether she would have to stay in a plastic world or be free. Herobrine was her only true friend that she had come to recondnize.

Still, though, she would sneak out every night to see him. Anna never knew whether Herobrine was as lovestruck as her, but she wasn't going to ask. Every night he promised he would take her away when he could, somewhere that would hold them and no one else. Every night she got the same answer.

Mr. Koala never bothered her anymore, and, strangely, the bullies left her alone. She guessed that Mr. Koala had told them what was going on. Every time she went to her locker, everybody else within three feet of her would immediatly back away and remain dead silent. Anna always pictured it as respect and fear mixed together.

Whenever she spoke, everybody in the room would shut up, no matter what it was she had to say. Even the teachers would stop talking and scuttle away in the hall whenever she passed by. Nobody paid much attention to the scar on her stomach, the scratch from the axe.

The same thing had been going on for a solid month, until 8th grade was finished. At the End-of-the-Year Party, everybody was outside eating pizza and drinking root beer and signing each other's shirts with sharpies on their school uniforms. Nobody would sign Anna's, despite the fact that she never wore the school uniform.

Anna sat by her usual shady spot on the curb nibbling at the pizza crust when one of the kids approached her and said,

"You here all by yourself?"

She looked up with curiosity. Normally, anyone who would get near her would run away screaming, but this kid was different. He had a faded look in his pale grey eyes.

This kid was blind.

"Uh, yeah." She quietly responded. He sat down, his short, brown hair dazzling in the sunlight. On his plate was a tiny slice of pizza half-hanging off the plastic plate. Some of the other kids from a distance were pointing and whispering at the two. Anna ignored them and watched as the kid hungrily ate the food on his plate.

"So, uh, what's your name?" She asked, turning to glare at the giggling kids, which immediatly shut their mouths.


"Isn't that Scourgis for Creeper?" She recalled her small knowledge of the strange language her ELA teacher spoke about the past month.

"Well, yeah. I just moved in here." Caipa shrugged. "But it doesn't really matter. By next week, they would already have everything plastic."

Anna shivered. The thought of living in a fake world sent a chill down her spine.

"Yeah, I have to go. See you later." She spoke hastily. For a split second, bitterness flashed through Caipa's grey eyes, but returned to kindness as he replied, "Okay. See you later."

Anna was dying to see Herobrine, but she didn't know how to find him with all the kids huddled right smack on the fence without drawing too much attention. She desided it was worth the risk.

She marched right up to a huddled group of kids eating their pizza. "Move out of the way. Scram." At her voice, the kids jumped up and walked to a different group. Without hesitating, Anna jumped clear over the fence and into the wasteland of doom.

She walked through the grey abyss, wondering whether Herobrine would come or not.

The thought of him sent her mind floating off. The dark, treeless highlands morphed into snowy peaks within seconds. She never gave it a second thought, walking aimlessly towards a river. There, Herobrine was standing on a rock, watching her approach, and eventually she was standing next to him, gazing upon the full moon...

"Annabeth?" A voice shook her back into reality, and she was no longer looking at stars, but green haze. She spun, meeting face to face with the only person she felt like seeing.

She clasped his hand, which made him blush. "I'm ready. Let's go."


It was a grueling first day, and neither knew what to expect. Anna never admitted it, but she was starting to weaken as the two silently crossed a desert.

The blistering heat was a handicap for Anna. Herobrine was unfazed by the intense tempuratures, but at one point she collapsed on the sand, her entire body burning. The ghostly miner helped her up to her feet and gently pushed her along, knowing that she was much weaker than he was.

At night, the heat turned ice cold. The drastic changes was one thing that Anna was not used to; she shivered and gritted her teeth in attempt to stay warm. It was hard to sleep, with the monsters roaming around and hunting down whatever was still alive.

The next sumer-hot day, Anna felt numb with soreness. Herobrine immediatly noticed her weakening after she fell again, breathing heavily in attempt to cool herself down.

A spider passed by and flinched when he saw Anna. "Is this your girlfriend or something?"

"No...maybe. But that's not important. Can you carry her?" Anna felt a spark of hope inside her at the word maybe. This trip might not be so bad, she thought. The spider nodded, helped her reluctantly to her feet, and walked clumsily along.

"She's quite a pretty little girl," The spider tried to talk Herobrine into answering some of his questions. "Did you save the day or something?"

"No," Herobrine narrowed his eyes.

"She seems like one of those human kids that Withers sometimes end up with," The spider trugged along. "Is she?"

"What?" Anna groaned. She knew very well what a Wither was, but she had missed half the conversation.

"This doesn't concern you, lass," The spider snapped, then looked at Herobrine.

"Watch your tongue," Herobrine, slightly annoyed, looked away.

"At least my tongue knows what it's saying. And my tongue says this extra 80 lbs. on my already-sore back has to get out of here. Just throw her in the sand or something. Or maybe dunk her in an oasis-"

"You don't want to help? Then you can leave!" Herobrine barked. The spider flinched and stopped moving, startled at his sudden anger.

"Dude, calm the heck down. I was just suggesting ideas. I've never seen you so mad before. What's gotten into you lately?"

"Don't make me any angrier than I already am," Herobrine's tone was scary to listen to for Anna.

"Dude, I was just asking a question! Good grief! Say, can this lass go? She's really killin' my back. We can bury her in the sand, and hopefully we'll have one less mouth to feed by the time this rediculous trip is over."

"You saying you want her dead?" Herobrine was obviously trying to keep his voice level.

The spider shrugged. "Pretty much. Unless she's yo' giiiirrrrlllfrrieeeennnnddd!" He taunted. Herobrine blushed and started to reach for something in his pocket.

"You don't know who you're messing with," Herobrine took out a large pen.

The spider howled with laughter. "HA! What are ya gonna do, write on me?"

"One more word out of your forked tongue, and you'll be kissing the ground goodbye," Herobrine threatened.

"I'm sorry, I can't hear you! Can you write it on the ground so I can see?!"

Herobrine uncapped the pen, which grew ten feet long and transformed into a blueish VenomBlade, seeping with poison. He pointed the long sword at the spider's neck.

"How about I write that on your neck?" Herobrine replied with a smug look on his face. "Before you have the time to read it, we would have one less mouth to feed."

"You wouldn't," The spider gulped. "You would be breaking our bond."

"I have the right to get rid of anybody who messes with me, and one of those people is you."

"Alright, alright! I get your point! But I still don't understand why you're so mad over nothing!"

"Nothing?" Herobrine's eyes glowered with fury. "You want a friend dead by burying her in the sand!"

"Yes, and I regret that! But I was like 'hey, she's not my friend, right?'"!

Anna kicked the spider in the shin, which sent him topping into the sand with a hiss. She stood on shaking legs and stepped back while watching the spider curse and splutter from the sand.

"Pheh! Pteh! Gross!" The spider screeched. "This sand tastes like sheep dung!"

"And you're gonna have a mouthfull in two seconds," Anna glowered, stood on a dune, and kicked, which sent a wave about a foot thick to collapse on the spider, barely reaching Herobrine's feet. There was a moan and several distortions in the middle, but then everything grew silent.

Herobrine, immensly impressed, looked on in amusement. Anna slid down the collosal sand wave on her feet and quickly replied,

"Come on. We still have a good few day's worth of traveling."

For some reason, the desert no longer seemed hot to Anna. It never occured to her. The cold nights, however, was what bit her on the back. The tempuratures continued to drop at dusk every passing day, until finally, the cruel desert ended, and soon enough the two came acoss a ring of mountains.

It was beautiful beyond words. The birds had all colors of the rainbow, and thousands of stars glittered in the night sky. There was a river that shone brightly as crystals, a deep blue hue from moonlight. Anna didn't know why, but the place seemed so familiar...

Wait. I had a vision of the future before we left! She thought. Herobrine was urging her onward.

"We're here."


"Oh, Herobrine..." Her voice trailed off into a sigh. "It's so beautiful."

Herobrine looked back at her with a strange glint in his eyes. Was it proudness? Excitement? But she never figured out. The moment passed, and Herobrine began climbing the rocky slope, with Anna tagging closely behind.

"Oh, wow..." Anna gasped. In the center of the seven mountains, an enormous lake, dotted with stars, shone almost as if it had light of it's own, and glinted in several different colors under the moonlight. Huge trees grew in a spaced ring, with vines connecting from one tree to the next. Huge eagles sat by the lake and in the tree branches.

One eagle, about twice as big as Herobrine, flew up to the two and perched about a foot away.

"Ah, juno ye ta." Anna was surprised that the eagle could talk without moving his mouth, let alons speak Scourgis. Telepathy, she guessed.

"Fine evening, Leono. How are the others?"

"They are all well." With that last thought, Leono took to the skies and soared far away. Anna watched as the bird gracefully flew without flapping his wings.

"Over here," Herobrine walked to the giant lake in the Mountain ring. The other eagles did not question him for approaching and aknowledged his presence with a nod. Herobrine looked up at one of the mountains that was bigger than the rest. It had a crystal blue cave on the inside a few hundred feet above the ground as if it were a giant teepee.

The two hauled themselves on the very peak of the mountaintop and watched the stars.

"Do you ever find constelations?" Anna had grown intereted in the star patterns in 6th grade and wanted to know them all since.

"Plenty," Herobrine's gaze flickered across the many billions of stars. "I name a few."

"I think I see one right now," Anna had caught her eye on something unusual. One of the stars glowed bright green, like an emerald. It flashed and flickered in what seemed like morse code.

When Anna finally figured out what it was saying in Morse, it had shown 'Past the deserts through the mountains you have found the one with a love for you that is farther than the sun'.

Wait a minute...what? She thought, then she spotted a ring of reddish stars, then they disappeared.

"Is something the matter?" Herobrine sounded concerned. Anna lay flat on her back and sighed.

"No, I'm fine. I just saw some constellation."

"Which one?"

Anna tried to relocate the strange red-star-constellation, but it was nowhere in sight.

"It looked sort of like a heart."

Herobrine blushed bright red, starlight relfecting off his face. "Really?"

All of a sudden, the morse-code star made sence. She had heard of a creeper named Emerald's Glow that was known for giving away prophecies to total strangers, which seemed to fit with the emerald-green star.

Anna now knew that Herobrine felt the same lovestruck emotion. She couldn't hold in the urge anymore.

Her lips brushed against his cheek.

Startled and flooded with strange emotions, Herobrine's face turned bright red. His eyes had the same unusual glint, and the two huddled together, pointing out the constellations.

From that day on, Anna never worried about living in a fake world, being fed spoonfulls of lies, bullies, or putting up with the fearful kids and airless environment, but instead be with the one who she knew would protect her, hand in hand, tied together, forever in love.

                                                                          -THE END-

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