Hevoc Harodamos is a boss that the player can encounter in The Rejin Village. He is a cutscene boss and is only encountered after killing Scourge. The mage has 1500 health and is known to be the Defominum Riser.


Player: *Hears chanting

Player: Whos there?

Voice: Why do you wish to know? Why do you DESERVE to know?

Player: *Stuttering* I.... I.... I dont know...

Voice: Well you got yourself into this situation, but you can't get out of it! Your in Necromancer territory now!

Player: Oh no...

There are 5 Deatharian Ravegers the player must kill. Once the player has killed them all, the next cutscene will appear.

Voice: Agh! 

Player: Hmm... If I kill his minions, he'll weaken...

Voice: They're not just my minions! They're my essence!

Player: Then your esscence is pretty corrupt and twisted.

5 Death Avengers will appear after this cutscene. You must kill them all to get to the next cutscene.

Voice: Haverato....

Defominum: You called for me, master?

Voice: Yes... Kill this evil creature...

Player: I'm no creature...

Defominum: You are to my master... Now die, creature. Or face the wrath of the Defominums.

A boss health bar will appear with the title, 'Defominum'. The Defominum has 500 health and is extremely strong to make up for such low health. Often during this battle, the Defominum will make green lightning hit the player. If the player is hit by it, they get 'D-Disease'. The damage the Defominum deals is 10 without armor. The next cutscene appears after The Defominum has 1 health left. If he has 0 or 1/2 health, the game will act like he still has 1.

Defominum: *Unhappy* You cannot kill a Defominum! 

  • The Defominum dissapears*

Voice: Thats it. 

  • A cloaked figure comes out from the shadows*

Cloaked figure: I am Hevoc Harodamos. You cannot defeat me.

Player: Dang't...

Hevoc is a Rejin Deatharian. Therefore, he is immune to negetive and is damaged by positive effects. A few other things to take note of:

He can teleport

He is thought to be a Skura

He can shapeshift

His weakness is Rejinium

After Hevoc has 10 or less health left, a new cutscene will appear

Hevoc: Come Defominums, come! Come to the land of Rehacoma and make the Overacon your home.

  • 50 Defominums appear*

Defominums: Yes, Hevoc.

  • The Defominums teleport to the Overworld*

Player: Oh no...

Hevoc: As for you, mi- *Hevoc suddenly stops and falls to the ground*

Strange wolf: Pah! He already summoned them

Player: Who are you?

Amaros: I am Amaros. Come with me. Let us talk.

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