• What a mortal sees when looking at a Htarlran; they think it is just a cloud of smoke
  • What a sayora and skura sees when looking at a Htarlran
  • Real appearance of a Htarlran, what only Derikas can see

Htarlran (hit-AL-ren) are one of the six types of hybrid Nocturnan animals that are about as rare as Mjin. They are part Terrordactyl and part Anenome, though some features a Htarlran posseses are not shared by either parent, such as the crab-like arms and the absence of legs. They are near the top of the food chain in Nocturna and kill whatever is below its rank. They seem to mostly resemble Terrordactyls (scythe-tail and wings) over Anenomes (hornish arm on head, undersized arms).

Some people think that they originated from an unknown animal's Oblivion Timeline and were put on Nocturna in order to guard it for some future purpose by a gang of Oblivion Creepers.


Htarlran are bred for fighting. Their scythe that is infused in the tail is about six times sharper than a Terrordactyl's, easily cutting through reinforced concrete like cutting butter with a knife. Their crabish hands are even sharper and stronger, taking an unmeasurable force to dent it in the slightest way. They don't have mouths, yet have the ability to scream and howl. Despite all their strength, they are rather oversized and move slowly. What they lack in speed, they make up for bulk and brains. They are some of the most intellegent Nocturnan species on the whole of the planet, capable of speaking fluently in other languages and solving tough problems. They always attack alone, and when two of the same species meet, they fight to the death. Only very experienced Nocturnan people know how to tame Htarlran, and even so, it is quite risky and time-consuming. They are very difficult to kill.


Htarlran roam only in Nocturna.

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