Hunters dragons birth

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Author: ThaChompyLeader



"What do you want now, Hallow?" Ender Steve mocked. "Haven't you caused enough trouble?"

"You know as well as I do that this bond will not work," Hallow sneered. "Why not just be enemies, like how it's always been?"

"You just can't accept the fact that Emerald saved us all from a terrible war," The dragon growled.

"Us? We had nothing to do with this silly fight." Hallow replied.

"Then why bother trying to break the bond if the bond doesn't affect us in how we live?" She challenged.

"Because I'm saving them from a rediculous little friendship that doesn't need to exist. They don't know how to adapt to the circumstances. It's already shattering."

"You are wrong. This friendship is shattering because you're the one messing it up." An enderman walked up behind him. Hallow cast an angry glance at the newcomer and stomped away. He had been bickering with Ender Steve to help him stop the relationship for the past month.

"What are we going to do about him?" The dragon sighed as she looked in the cave. "My eggs just hatched and I'm afraid he's going to hurt them.

"There's not much we can do," Ender Steve replied with a worried tone. "This is his home, and he's just going to keep coming back every time we drive him away." Squeals and grunts echoed through the cave. Sighing, the dragon walked in and quieted them down. Ender Steve hung his head and walked away.

What am I supposed to do? He wondered worriedly. Hallow was a very tricky enderman, and he had been fooled by him before. I'm not going to let him do it again. Ever.

"Like, we have so much, like, news!" A high-pitched voice squealed behind him. Turning around, he saw the portal open up as three silverfish crawled out.

"We, like, heard that Emmy, like, ran away! It was, like, Tigerwhatsit or something!"


"But, like, now she's back! And it, like, was before a huge, like, battle erupted!"

"Must of been Hallow, too," Ender Steve muttered. "And Tiger's Roar. I knew him for a while."

"Like, what was, like, that?" Another silverfish squeaked. Shrill voices echoed in the distance, seeming awfully familiar. Ender Steve's eyes widened.

Grabbing his Emerald Sword, he sprinted away to where the commotion was coming from. The dragon stood near the entrance with one of the babies in her mouth. Hallow was teleporting everywhere, trying to get him.

"Step away from her!" Ender Steve charged and knocked Hallow to the ground. He ran away in a flash.

"What happened?" His voice was trembling.

"I..don't know," Her legs shook as she spoke. "He came out of nowhere, and-" The dragon looked in the cave and screeched with agony.

"My babies!" She wailed. "They're gone!" The one dangling in the dragon's mouth began to squeal. She lowered him to the ground and gently let go of him. He stood on wobbly legs and looked around, grunting.

"Ah-ha!" Hallow appeared behind the baby. Ender Steve froze and dropped his sword with a loud clang. The baby shrieked and bit his arm, letting him drop to the ground. The dragon tackled Hallow, flinging him several yards away. The baby watched with a terrified gaze.

Hallow grabbed the Emerald Sword and whizzed it around in the air, striking the dragon's front leg. She howled and fell to the ground, trying to get up and attack. Hallow charged at Ender Steve and he knocked him over on his back.

Panicking, Ender Steve grabbed the blade of the Emerald Sword and kept it away from his body. He looked over at the baby dragon, who was leaning over and grunting worriedly at his mother.

"Go! Before it's too late!" He shouted at the baby. He turned around and loped to the portal, casting back an anxious gaze at him.

"Now!" The baby jumped in the screaming vortex, followed by the Silverfish. Hallow had teleported away at that moment. Standing up, he watched with sorrow-filled eyes as the portal disappeared with a bang.

Tears streaked down his face and on to the spongey ground. Please be alive. Please...

Chapter 1

It was Moonhigh. Emerald couldn't sleep. It was the fifth time in a row that she had woken up around this time. She didn't know what it was or what was happening, but she knew it wasn't a coinsidence. Trotting outside, she felt the warm wind blow on her face.

Iron complained that it was too cold without her in the cave, and he constantly worried about things that might happen to her in the future. He worries too much. Stars streaked the sky, making the night seem brighter than usual.

"Hi," A quiet voice called behind her. Startled, she turned around and met yellow eyes.

"Iron?" She whispered. "What are you doing?"

"What are you doing?" He echoed. "You've been up so often I get scared that you leave for a second time."

"I would have to be a complete dope to fall for Tiger's Roar's trap for a second time," She replied sarcasticly.

"Durr hurr hurr, I'm Tiger's Roar!" Iron spun around in pitiful circles with a strange look on his face. "I'm so stupid, I trick myself into doin' things!" Emerald tried not to laugh out loud.

"Since when did you become the Clowny Creeper?" She joked. "I don't remember any circus tents showing up."

"Who are you calling a clown? Do I have a big red nose and stupid make-up?"

"It's called paint, you mouce-brain." Emerald teased.

"Woah there, nessie. Don't get your tongue twisted in a knot."

"I'm gonna need your help to un-knot it." She tackled Iron and he landed in the grass on his stomach. She flopped down beside him and the two watched the stars glitter in the sky for what seemed like hours.

"Do you ever wonder about if there's life beyond our planet?" Iron broke the silence.

"What makes you say that?" Emerald wondered aloud.

"I mean, we've only been on one planet," He replied. "There's always the possibility that something else may be out there, calling our names and trying to visit us." At that moment, a star whizzed by the sky.

"A shooting star! Make a wish!" Emerald whispered hastily.

"I wish...that something would happen," Iron spoke in a slightly louder tone. "I'm getting bored with nothing happening." The speck in the sky kept moving aroun in circles, then it grew bigger.

"It's heading straight for us!" Emerald shrieked, forgetting that her friends were asleep. Her and Iron leaped out of the way as a bright, blue light screamed past their heads and landed about a few yards from where they were standing. Emerald's mother and Sapphire came trotting out.

"What happened?" Sapphire glanced at the big, blue rock.

"It must be a star." Emerald looked closer. Was that something moving inside?

"Is someone in there?" She approached the star cautiously.
Emerald and toby

"It. Is. Just. Me." A tiny voice responded. A dragon peeked his head out. Stunned, Emerald stood there, staring at him as he squirmed around, trying to get out.

"Where did you come from?" Iron narrowed his eyes at the blackish grey dragon. "You seem awfully similar to someone I met.."

"From. The. Dra. Gon. Place." He replied.

The dragon place? Where on earth is he talking about?

Sapphire walked up to the dragon. "Who exactly are you?"

"A. Dra. Gon." He replied. Sapphire shook her head.

"No, I mean what is your name?"

"Not. Have. One."

"What should we call him?" Iron looked over to Emerald hopefully. She thought for a moment. If I were a dragon, what would I name my kids?

"How about...Ember?" She suggested.

"Em. Bur. Me. Like. A. Lot."

"He's so cute!" Sapphire gleamed. Ember squirmed around and slid out of the star, shaking dust and debris everywhere.

"How did you even get in there?" Iron watched as the star rolled around on the grass.

"The. Star. Ee. Dog. Did." Ember squeaked. "My. Mom. Me. Hurt." Iron and Emerald exchanged worried glances. What did Ember mean by his mother was hurt?

"Tell us more," Sapphire pleaded.

"Hall. Oh. Uh. Tack. My. Mom. Meeeeeeeee." Ember slurred his words. "Steal. My. Bru. Thers. And. Sis. Ters. Dad. Eeeeeeeeee. Fight. Him. Back."

"Wait a minute," Emerald gazed at Ember. "You say that Hallow tried to steal your siblings?"

"I. Was. Own. Leee. Uh. Live. Uth. Ers. Not. Hatched."

"That's gonna be a problem." Iron looked away.

"Hold on. Who exactly were your mother and father?" Sapphire stared hard at Ember.

"My. Mom. Black. Dra. Gon," Ember paused. "My. Dad. Eeeee. Hyoom. En. Dra. Gon."

"A human dragon?" Emerald looked to the sky. "I'm not sure if I understand what you're saying." Ember looked into the forest as if he were staring at something. Iron, Emerald, and Sapphire looked over to the trees. Three familiar silver bodies were slithering towards them.

"Like, we finally found you!" One of the silverfish squeaked. "And, like, we know you, like, guys!"

"Hey, it's those Silverfish we saw a couple of months ago!" Iron exclaimed.

"Hi. Where. Were. You?" Ember looked over at the silverfish.

"Trying to, like, find you!" Another replied. "We saw a really, like, glittery canine that, like, put you in that thing-" It paused to point its tail at the star. "-and, like, we tried to track, like, you down and stuff."

"Glittery canine?" Emerald echoed. "Is that what you said?"

"What. Is. Kay. Nine?" Ember asked, forgetting about what they were talking about. Emerald's mother came walking out of the cave-den and yelped when she saw the baby dragon.

"My goodness! Is that an Ender Dragon?" She looked at Ember, eyes wide with curiosity. "How did you get here?"

"It. A. Long. Store. Eeeeee." He replied and turned around. "Some. One. Watch. Ing. Us."

"You have sharp eyes," A deep voice murmered. Herobrine stepped out of the shadows, his white eyes filled with wonder. Emerald wished that she could sneak around like he could without being noticed. "I see you had a rough landing coming here."

"What. Landing?" Ember stared at Herobrine, then at the four creepers. "This. Ghost. Man?"

"Ghost man?" Sapphire narrowed her eyes. "Where did you hear that?"

"I. Had. Mom. And. Dad. You. Know." Ember replied with slight annoyance.

"Where are they now?" Herobrine tilted his head in amusement.

"In. Dra. Gon. Place. I. All. Ready. Told. You." He paused and gaped his jaws in a huge yawn, bearing his tiny white teeth.

"Like, his dad was, like, weird!" A Silverfish squeaked. "He, like, looks a lot like Blake, but, like, different!"

"I think it's past Ember's bedtime," Iron looked up to see it was exactly Moonhigh, ignoring what the Silverfish had said. With a tiny nod, Sapphire herded Ember to the cave-den. Emerald looked up at the sky, realizing that Herobrine had already left.

How are we supposed to take care of a dragon? It's not like we've had any experience training one!

Chapter 2

Ember blinked open his eyes sleepily. He was standing in a strange silver valle
y, dotted with lakes of scarlet and violet. Confused, he looked around and tried to find someone he knew. But no one was there as far as he could tell.

"Where. Every. One?" He called out to the sky. Rustling of the bushes alerted him, and he pricked his head forward. Voices were coming from behind a cluster of shrubs and trees. He listened hard and tried to make out the voices.

"He is much too young to understand. He should figure out on his own," A voice broken with age rumbled quietly.

"Moon Heart, you know as well as I do that this is no ordinary newborn!" Another snapped viciously. "He needs to know what he is capable of. He holds power much more than others." A long pause. "He is valuable to the other's survival. He must learn how to use his abilities wisely."

"But don't you think he might not know why he has them, or how?" A third voice chimmed in. "You can only push a dragon so hard."

A dragon? Do they mean my mother? Ember pondered and focused on his own thoughts. Surely it's not me. I'm just a baby.

"Ember," A deep, old voice hissed behind him. Startled, he turned around and faced a large creeper about twice his height and lined with dark blue stripes.

"Who. Are. You?" Ember shot him a puzzled look.

"That is not important," The young dragon suddenly realized with a jolt that he could see through the creeper. "Harsh times will come soon, and you must be prepared."

"Why. You. Tell. Me. This?" Ember shuddered.

"Because you are the one who can interpret my message clear," The creeper looked ahead, as if seeing through Ember, and his voice was no longer hoarse, but loud and echoing as if someone was speaking for him.

"The darkness will rise, and there will be five who must uncover the blade of white and defeat the Tiger and the Beast of Shadow."

"What. You. Mean?" Ember stepped back. The creeper blinked and his gaze met his, no longer looking through him. He expected to have him explain what he meant, but he only replied, "Take care, Ember."


Ember jolted awake. He looked around, confused, not realizing that he had been dreaming. He looked around franticaly and saw that Emerald and the others were still asleep. He had been given a mysterious message from someone he didn't know and was afraid that he would never understand.

"Emm. Rald. Wake. Up." Ember prodded Emerald with his foot.

"Urmph," She groaned and blinked open her eyes. "Can't it wait?"

"It. Not. Wait," Ember growled. "I. Had. Dream." Emerald didn't respond. Frustrated, the small dragon loped outside and nearly ran into Iron.

"Hey!" He yelped. "Watch it!"

"Why. Out. So. Early?" Ember cocked his head.

"I could ask the same thing to you," He narrowed his eyes. "Baby dragons need a lot of sleep."

"I. Need. To. Tell. You. Some. Thing." Ember explained how he saw the ghostly creeper and how he had given the strange message. Iron's eyes were wide the entire time.

"Blade of white?" The black creeper's eyes gleamed with curiosity. "Maybe he's talking about a sword of some kind?"

"I. Do. Not. Know." Ember stared at his feet. "It. Very. Con. Fuse. Ing." A loud rustle echoed behind them. Turning around, they saw the trees swish around wildly.

"Something's coming!" Iron hissed through bared teeth. A large shadow was he
Iron and wither
ading in their direction. Ember trembled, worrying what would come out.

"What's going on?" Sapphire padded out and gasped. A large, three-headed creature was staring at them, its gaze sweeping across the three.

"Argh! I told you we should of turned left!" One of the heads growled.

"Well, it was your dumb little buddy who chose to go the wrong way!" Another sneered.

"Will you two shut up?" The head in the middle stared angrily at the other two. "Where are your manners? We have an audience here and you're just making everything worse."

"Who are you?" Emerald yawned as she stepped out of the cave-den.

"I think my little friends here lost their common sence," The middle head glared at them. "I am Draco. These are my noisy companions, Lauras and Iraq."

"Who are you calling noisy?" Iraq shot an angry glance at Draco. "Lauras is the one complaining that we never go where she wants to go!"

"I am not noisy!" Lauras hissed. "I'm just saying where we should of gone when we end up with a bunch of four-legged creeps wanting too much information."

"Be quiet or I'll dunk you both in the water!" Draco glanced up at the creepers. "They never know how to keep their mouths shut." Emerald cocked her head in amusement.

"This is why I wish I was an only child!" Iraq grumbled.

"Why? Because you're tired of me?" Lauras teased.

"Yes! In fact, I might have something to solve our problem. Someone hand me a rock!"

"For pete's sake, just BE QUIET!" Draco roared at them. "If you don't have anything else to do, then just keep your yakking to your thoughts!" Ember stiffled a laugh. I wonder how much they argue in a day.

"Uh..we're still here, you know," Sapphire rolled her eyes.

"Ahem! Terribly sorry, my friends here have no sence of politeness for others," Draco snapped his head up. "We took a wrong turn and ended up here. Might I ask permission to speak with someone?"

"Who?" Iron questioned him.

"Him," Draco flicked his head over to the trees. Ember heard a faint rustling of the grass.

"I don't see anyone there," Sapphire replied with a confused tone. "Do you talk to plants?"

"We aren't aromatherapists, lassie," Iraq hissed.

"I believe Draco is talking about me," Herobrine stepped out of the ferns.

"Ah, Steve! It's been such a long time since we last saw you," Lauras greeted, forgetting about Draco's warning. "How are Shade and the others?"

"Well, if it's for him..sure," Emerald fumbled her words. "But I don't see why-"

"Why. You. Want. To. Talk. To. Him?" Ember perked his head up, interrupting Emerald.

"It's private, kid," Iraq glared at the dragon. "A very important case about a very serious topic. You're too young to understand." The two disappeared in the trees.


Starlight twinkled on Emerald's pale green skin. The newcomer, who had said they were a Wither, had been talking with Herobrine for several hours. She worried that Draco might of turned on the ghostly friend.

Ember silently padded up to the she-creeper and sat down right next to her. His reddish purple eyes sparkled like fire. Emerald still wondered who his father was, but her only clue was some sort of "Human Dragon".

"That. Black. Guy. Strange." Ember squeaked. Emerald shivered as a cold wind rustled the trees. She knew what was coming.

As she had expected, Herobrine silently walked out of the fronds. But he completely ignored the two, walking right by them.

"What did Draco and the other two say?" Emerald tried to stop the shivering shape.

Wait a minute. Why is he shivering? Herobrine slowly turned around. Emerald yelped when she saw his face, which was wet with tears and red.

"Whoa! Are you alright?" She studdered, surprised that Herobrine would cry. Ember cocked his head in confusion.

"Nothing." Herobrine shook his head and walked forward. Emerald narrowed her eyes.

"What were you two-er, four talking about?"

"Tell. Us. Now."

Herobrine turned around again, this time he held out a note with a badly handwritten note on it. He dropped it on the ground, turned, and walked away again. Emerald cautiously approached the slip of paper and read it aloud.

You took my child. I have been told that you are
holding him for randsom. I will not accept to your terms. Meet
me in the town, in a week, dead midnight, with your best sword.
We shall fight for him to the death.  
  ---- Ender Steve

Chapter 3

"Oh no." Sapphire croaked. "No. No. You mean his dad was...?"

"Yes, I am afraid so." Iraq muttered. "We don't know all of the details, but we saw him pacing the ground with some dude in a whitish coat. We couldn't see who it was, but there was an Ender Dragon wailing something about baby dragons."

"So that's what's going on," Iron muttered. "Ender Steve lost Ember, and he thinks he have him for randsom. But at what cost?"

"I don't know, something with Red Matter stuff," Draco shook his head in sorrow. "I don't know what it is, but I hear it is extremely valuable."

"Is this what you were talking about?" Emerald turned to Herobrine, who was still red in the face. He responded with a tiny nod. "But why are you so concerned about it?"

"Well, Ender Steve is his brother, for one," Lauras corrected. "And he wants to duel to the death. You wouldn't kill your own brother, would you?"

Emerald gulped and shook her head.

"Exactly. I don't know what would drive Ender Steve to kill his brother, but something about it doesn't seem right. You see, there's a lot of tension going on with humans and monsters with the whole friendship thing. Don't get me wrong, this is a slight problem for all of us. Hallow has been trying to disrupt this bond for who knows what."

"It's his sword," Herobrine spoke very quietly. Everybody turned to him, shocked. Why would he fear a sword?

"Erm..." Iraq shouted. "It's the SpiritBla-"

"SHUT. YOUR. MOUTH. NOW." Draco yelled very loudly, bonking Iraq's head against a hard stone. He yelped in pain and bit his tongue.

"I MEAN, the Spear! He doesn't like spears! They, um, hurt him once! Yeah!"

"..oookay," Iron rolled his eyes, obviously not fooled. "Spears. That's his weakness?"

Herobrine slapped his forehead in frustration and walked away, muttering something about ignorance. Emerald laughed nervously, trying to brighten up the mood.

"Well...why don't we take a walk?" Emerald swept her gaze among the creepers. Draco scoffed and flew away.

"Sure." Iron bounded right up to her and took to the forest. She chased him, then stopped.

What was Ember trying to tell me earlier? "Hey Ember! Can I ask you something?" She shouted. Ember immediatly flew right beside her and landed with a soft plop.

"Yes?" Ember cocked his head, eyes glittering.

"What were you trying to tell me yesterday that was important?"

Ember flashed between facial emotions, as if trying to remember, then his eyes grew distant and stared seemingly past Emerald.

"The darkness will rise, and there will be five who must uncover the blade of white and defeat the Tiger and the Beast of Shadow." Ember blinked, no longer seeing through Emerald, and curiosity gleamed in his eyes once again. Emerald flinched at his words.

"Tiger...blade of white...beast of shadow...I'm not sure if that makes sence, but alright then." Ember blinked again, then flew away and vanished into the shadows of the ferns.

"You." A very british voice rumbled. Emerald started and turned around, looking at a tall white figure. "I have been looking for you."

"F-f-for me?" Emerald knew she shouldn't be surprised since weird things always happen to her, but this particularly scared her. The figure nodded.

"I am Aeta, the being of the skies. I have come to help you in your quest." Aeta took off his hoodie, revealing a more or less human face. He had white hair flowing to his shoulders, however he was obviously young. His eyes were a very pale grey, and was at least twice as tall as Emerald herself. "I am among my sisters to help you."

"Help me with what?"

"To fullfill your prophecy you have received," Aeta spoke as if she should know. "You have been gifted with a very powerful ally beside you, and you must treat him well and take care of him."

"But who is this? Herobrine?" But Aeta had already disappeared.

When Emerald returned, Iron was pacing back and forth, an anxious glint twinkling in his eyes. She had always wondered why he was repetitively asking her about the future and acted like her bodyguard. But he seemed more torn than scared.

"What's wrong?" Iron flinched at her voice and turned around swiftly. "You've been a bit edgy lately."

"Er..." The young black creeper stammered. "It's nothing." Emerald narrowed her eyes, then saw something red in the corner of her eye. She turned, and a bloodred rose was swaying in the breeze.

Iron followed her gaze, fixing his eyes on the flower. "That's a pretty rose."

Suddenly, memories flooded back on Emerald. She remembered her old name, Rose, the constant bickering of the humans, the empty lonliness inside of her as wide as a nuke's crater, and her father. Before he died.

Even after she forgave Blake for killing him, Emerald felt sad whenever he popped into her mind. She was so young when he died, and everyone figured that the event was too long ago for her to remember. But she clung onto the memory, and even during the happiest of times, she was torn on the inside.

Iron's voice brought her back to the present, whom was standing close to her. "You ok?"

Emerald felt a tear roll down her cheek. "I'm fine. Just remembering stuff." Iron looked worried. It was rare to find a creeper cry.

He pressed somewhat closer to her. "You can tell me anything that's bothering you."

For a brief moment, the empty hole inside her didn't feel so empty, and she could feel her face turn red. "Just remembering my...father."

Emerald couldn't hold it in any longer. She sobbed in silence, forgetting that Iron was next to her. The lonliness of being fatherless was too much to handle. Her feet trembled.

Iron looked surprised for a moment, then gently rubbed his cheek against hers. "I love you, Emerald, and I won't let anything happen to you." Emerald turned a deep crimson. She never thought he would admit something so personal. The emptiness vanished at that moment and didn't return.

For a long moment, they stood there in silence, not knowing what to say. After what seemed like forever, Emerald finally replied,

"I love you too, Iron."

Chapter 4

When dawn rose, Emerald was too tired to get up. She insisted to Iron that she didn't get enough sleep, and he reluctantly left her to rest. Ember was surprisingly quiet and followed Iron outside. When everybody had left the cave, the stillness seemed too still to be there.

For some reason, Emerald didn't feel the overwhelming and silent emptiness anymore. But at that moment, she didn't care. As far as she knew, she had someone to be with that would never lose sight of her. The thought of love used to make Emerald recoil in disgust, but now she understood how it truly felt.

Memories once again washed over her. She saw herself as a very small child, sitting by her mother and father in the cave-den. She felt her heart sink at the sight of him, but she pushed back the feelings and tried to listen.

"...You see, Rosey, your mother and I found each other, and we quite honestly couldn't take our eyes off of one another!" Her father's voice was strong, deep, and determined. She almost didn't recognise him.

"And we fell helplessly in love-" Her mother started.

"Love! Ew! Gross!" The younger version of Emerald squeaked in disgust and fell on her back. Her father chuckled as she tried to get back up.

That could be Iron and I! She thought with a twitch of her foot.

"You'll understand when you're older, Rosey," Her father replied, and the scene disappeared.

You don't know how right you are, dad, Emerald thought. Iron and I will be the best duo this world has ever known!

Several hours later, Emerald had dragged herself outside to see what the others were doing. She recognised Aeta standing by the other four, talking about how he would help them. Ember glanced backwards once, then resumed listening.

"The prophecy fortells of five to uncover the Blade of White," Aeta explained. "I do believe that Ember and Emerald are two of the five."

"Where Emerald goes, I go," Iron protested. "I wouldn't dare leave her unprotected."

"She'll be protected, I can assure you that," Aeta responded.

"Emmy is my best friend," Sapphire argued. "Surely all four of us could go?"

"Then. Who. Is. Feeth?" Ember asked. His response was silence.

"Maybe Aeta is the fifth?" Emerald's mother pointed out. "After all, he knows how to interpret this prophecy."

"No way!" Sapphire jerked her head towards the somewhat elderly creeper. "It has to be Herobrine! Who else has to deal with all this stuff?"

"One of the silverfish?" Iron suggested. "They are pretty smart, you know."

Everybody was arguing over who the fifth person was supposed to be, except Emerald and Aeta. She sat quietly and let the conversation soak in. She thought long and hard about the fifth person - if it was even human - and who all might be possible allies.

Ender Steve? No, he wants to kill his brother.

His dragon buddy? She'd want to side with her husband.

Draco? Wait, wouldn't he count as three people?

Shade? Maybe. Ugh, this is so hard! Suddenly, an idea popped into her head. She grinned, wondering why she didn't think of it before. There was someone that she knew in the back of her head...

"What if the fifth is Blake?" She spoke up. Silence.

"...That does kinda make sence," Iron wondered aloud.

"I still think it's Herobrine," Sapphire grunted.

"It could be someone we don't even know." Aeta pointed out. "Maybe someone by the Tribe. Or Rainbow Canyon. Or...the Beyond."

"The. Bee. Yawned?" Ember echoed.

"The term used for any place that is far from here," Aeta explained. "Places even I cannot reach."

"But how do we know this Beyond place exists?" Iron questioned, narrowing his eyes. "You could just be tricking us. We hardly even know you."

"Would I lie?" Aeta turned to his direction with an amused glint in his eyes. The way he looked at him sent a cold shiver down Emerald's spine. What if Iron is right to be suspicious?

"Guys, we need to stop arguing," Emerald spoke up. "This is getting us nowhere. We just have to trust that Aeta is an ally and not an enemy. With Ender Steve's threat about fighting Herobrine and everything else going on now, we don't really have a choice."

"Good point," Sapphire glanced at her. Iron grunted and looked away.

"But. How. Do. We. Dee. Side. Who. Ees. Fifth?" Ember looked at all of them for a second. Nervous murmurs passed back and forth between the creepers. Aeta again remained silent. It seemed as if the whole earth was holding its breath for the next moment.

Suddenly, Shade leaped out of the bushes, a wild look in his eyes. "Everybody! Quick! Come with me!"

"What's the matter?!" Sapphire immediatly jumped to her feet. About a half-second later, everybody else was perked up and alert, startled at his sudden appearance.

Shade took a heavy breath, then gasped as he almost squealed, "Herobrine is gone!"

Chapter 5

It seemed as if the whole world had just collapsed on Ember. First he hears almost nothing about this strange ghost-man and what he did, and then he just vanishes into thin air? Everything was so confusing for the baby dragon. He hardly even knew Aeta or what he was!

The argument over the fifth person, or animal, was quite perplexing. Ember didn't really know much about anyone other than Emerald and Sapphire. Aeta had just come out of nowhere, and then some weird black creeper just came out screaming bloody murder. What was even going on?

The yelps and screeches of the creepers snapped him back to reality. Everybody was howling - other than that weird Aeta - trying to find the Herobrine. Ember decided that he should help, since he could kinda fly and he could see things that sometimes they couldn't. Why bother put his so-called powers out of use?

Ember snuck away, and nobody noticed. Good. He stalked across the trees, ears and eyes alert to any signs of movement that a ghost might make. It was hard, but he dared not reveal himself. He didn't want to be caught and dragged out of his mission. He would find Herobrine and prove that he was the fifth.

The minutes dragged on seemingly forever. He didn't stop, though his legs were aching and his eyes were watery. He coughed and sulked on, hoping to find some sort of clue to the mysterious disappearance of the ghost-man Herobrine.

Suddenly, he heard movement. It didn't sound ghostlike at all. He flinched at the bitter and strange scent that washed over his head. Something had been here, but he couldn't pick out what...

He followed a trail of odd-shaped footsteps. They looked a bit like a creeper's, but they were too big and far apart to be a creeper. So what was it? He continued to drag himself on. It might not be Herobrine, but it could be something that could give him a clue.

The trail came to a dead end. The bitter scent became suddenly overwhelming. Whatever the thing was, it was in front of him. He pushed the fronds away, and his eyes adjusted to the darkness. He had entered a cave hidden with the flora of the forest! Whatever the thing was, it was hiding from everybody.

A snarl echoed from in front of him. Though it was not an aggressive snarl. It was a snarl as if to say, "Come in or else". Ember could then see the glowing, lizardlike eyes of...wait, what was it?

As his eyes adjusted, he could pick out some of its details. It had a ratlike head with four ear-horns and a nose spike and two long canines. Its neck was bushy, almost like a lion's, and it had four legs that were bulky and squarish like a creeper's. It had a goldish yellow belly and snout, and the rest of it was a dark shade of purple.

And it was staring right at him.

The feeling of the creature just staring at him and not showing any signs of a greeting or attack made Ember's skin crawl. This creature was foreign and unearthly, obviously coming from somewhere else. It made no sound or movement, just simply stared at him with an evil grin on its face.

Suddenly, Ember's feet felt cold. He looked down and realized that ice was starting to grow from the ground. It was slowly growing up his legs! He squealed and howled, trying to look away, but something locked his gaze with the creature. He found it difficult to even blink.

Out of impulsive instinct, Ember bit the creature before his neck froze, lashing out with unusual strength. The animal howled and was sent reeling, and the ice growing on Ember stopped and seemed to grow in reverse, getting smaller. Whatever kind of trance that was happening was broken. The baby dragon leaped on the animal while he had his chance and bit down on his furry neck. Its fur was disgusting and mottled, but he kept his grip.

While it howled and shrieked with pain, it started to snarl and growl in a menacing tone. It lashed out at Ember's chest, and he screeched as he was flung against one of the cave's walls. This was a baby creature, whatever species it was, but how was it so strong?

The child animal growled as it paced up to Ember, trying to stare into him again, but Ember didn't return the look. He kept his eyes firmly shut, daring not to peek until the thing left or had its back to him.

There was a long silence. Ember could tell that the animal was getting frustrated, but it stayed put and continued to stare at him - or whatever it was doing. Ember couldn't tell because he had his eyes shut. Finally, after a cold stillness, he spoke in a trembling voice,

"Who. Are. You?"

Silence. Ember started to realize that the creature probably couldn't talk. It obviously didn't understand what he was saying. He felt stupid, trying to talk to something that didn't know English or any other language he knew.

But what happened next surprised him. Without opening his eyes, he heard the animal reply, "I dunno. Who are you?"

"Em. Burr. Ees. My. Nayme." He answered nervously. He tried not to sound afraid, but masking his fear was next to impossible. There was a long silence again.

"Emburr?" The animal cackled like a hyena. "Weird. What's an Emburr? Are you an Emburr? Are there more of you? And what the heck is a Name?"

This animal clearly did not grow up on Earth. "Well, A. Nayme. Ees. What. Pe. Ple. Call. You."

It grew quiet again. Perhalps this creature - whatever it was - had a hard time comprehending English. "Creatures call me Mjin. Is that my name?"

"Well. It. Ees. Your. Spee. Shees. Nayme." Ember found Mjin a strange name, whether it was what his kind were called or if it was his specific nickname.

Silence again. "Then I guess I don't have a name," The Mjin guessed. Ember dared a peek, and realized that the Mjin wasn't looking at him. It was looking at the forest outside. He stayed put, ready to look away if it started to stare at him again.

"That. Ees. Sad." Ember glumly replied. The Mjin turned around in his direction but didn't make eye contact. He appeared confused.

"Sad? What is sad?" He cocked his head. "Is that an Emotion? The only Emotions I know are Fear, Anger, and Pain."

"You. Dont. No. What. Sad. Ees?" Ember cocked his head in return. "It. Is. What. You. Feel. When. A. Loved. One. Dies."

The Mjin looked confused. "What is Love? Do I get Sad if Love comes? Or do I get Love if Sad comes? What the heck are you talking about?"

"I. Dont. No." Ember admitted. He had no idea how to describe what feeling sad was like or how love felt. It was nearly impossible with a thing that has never experienced it.

The Mjin pawed at the ground. "Is Sad like falling off a cliff and dying? Do I achieve Sad if I do that?"

"Other. Close. Friends. Will. Get. Sad." Ember replied. "You. Not. Feel. If. You. Are. Dead."

"Friend? Friends weaken you!" The Mjin sounded frustrated. "They are just a burden to take care of! If you have a friend, they are always nagging about their needs! Friends are worthless!" The Mjin spat on the ground.

"They. Help. In. Times. Of. Need." Ember tried to sound calm. "When. Com. Fort. Is. Nee. Ded. They. Help."

The Mjin went silent for a moment. "I didn't think of that."

"If. You. In. Tro. Ble. They. Help. They. Not. Burr. Dens."

"But taking care of both yourself and them is tiring! Right?"

"Not. Eggs. Act. Lee. They. Can. Take. Care. Of. Them. Selves."

"But if you show weakness by relying on someone else..."

"It. Not. Weak. Ness. You. Die. With. Out. Help."

The Mjin looked stale, having nothing more to say. Ember licked his paws. "If. You. Not. Get. Help. From. Pair. Ents. You. Die. They. Friends."

"Parents help you?"

"Of. Course!" Ember looked surprised. Didn't this Mjin ever grow up to see his mother or father? "They. Help. As. Well!"

"You are a quite strange thing," The Mjin grumbled.

"It. Not. Strange." Ember riskily made eye contact with the Mjin. "It. Truth."

The Mjin looked back, but hostility was not in his gaze. He did not simply stare at him, but merely looked for a quick second then looked away. "This 'truth' you speak it really truth? Do friends not be burdens? Is Sad a real Emotion?"

"Yes." Ember finished. What surprised him next was several tiny black tears rolling down the Mjin's jaw. "You. Now. Feel. Sad."

"I aquired Sad?" The Mjin's voice was hoarse. "Is this what happens when I learn something? I aquire Sad?"

"Not. Always." Ember flicked his tail. "It. Comes. And. Goes."

"Show me more of this world," The Mjin pleaded. "It is so weird and..truthful. I want to learn every unlearnt thing there is!"

Chapter 6

Ender Steve yelled in frustration as he slammed a piece of Endstone, which crumbled to yellow dust in seconds. Herobrine will never get away with this! Of all the people in the world, why did his son's captor have to be his own brother, and why?

An Enderman walked up to him, and in a trembling voice, it spoke, "Why do you believe everything Hallow says, anyway?"

Ender Steve paused. Why had he listened to the known liar? Why did he believe what he told him, after everything he's done in the past? Was it really Hallow who took his son?

"I don't know," Ender Steve sighed and sat on the ground. "I guess I wasn't thinking straight."

"You know, he was the one who was trying to take the first place. He might be the real captor."

Ender Steve's mind raced. Was this Enderman telling the truth? Could Hallow be the true kidnapper?

Wait a minute, he thought. Hallow left without taking any of the kids that night. One of them jumped in the portal and could he have reached him in time? Or did he teleport to the Overworld and find him?

He groaned in confusion. "Enderman, please leave me. I need time to think about this."

"But Hallow is the captor--"

"I said LEAVE ME!" Ender Steve slammed his fist into the Enderman's chest. It screamed and fell on the ground, dropping its Enderpearl. Rage surged through the half-dragon, half-human's pounding heart. Why didn't anyone listen to him anymore when he said something?

He shook his head and did a double-take at the dead Enderman. What have I become? He raced away, away from everybody, away from the confusion and sadness of the situation. Why is this all happening to me...


Emerald dashed around, looking frantically for Herobrine. Where had he gone this time? The whole of the problem with Ender Steve's threatning note was making everybody paranoid. If either of them died, then all hope would be lost.

"Wait a minute..." She spoke out loud. Where had Ember gone? She hadn't seen nor heard from him for hours. Was he missing, too? If he was, then why was everybody disappearing?

"Ember?!" She shouted. There was no reply. "Ember!"

No sign of the black dragon was visible. She started to panic, looking in every direction. Her heart was pounding so hard, she thought it would burst out of her chest and fall on the ground. She raced around, looking frantically for any visible signs of Ember. But she could find none.

She was soon panting like a dog under a hot sun. The little dragon was nowhere in eyesight. The pressure of tears were on the edge of coming, a stiff feeling in her cheeks. She gulped hard and choked back a sob as she continued searching.


Emerald forgot that she had wandered out of quick reach from her friends. Surely she wasn't very far away? She didn't know exactly where she was, since the forest had sort of transformed into a jungle. She wasn't too lost, though, and she could trace back her scent-path.

Her chest still drumming, she looked on and on, but little did she realize that it was next to impossible finding him. She was exhausted and could walk no longer.

She fell on the ground, tired, weak, and hungry. There was nothing she could do.

A shadow gradually fell upon her, and a fiendish laugh rumbled from behind. A familiar voice rasped, "Now I have three little piggies in my possession. Soon, we'll go watch the big bad wolf eat up the Little Hero!"

Long, black arms stretched around her, picked her up, and held her in the air. Emerald groaned and was soon face-to-face with a familiar enderman.

She was thrown against a tree. She screeched, feeling a sharp pain in her back, and slowly slid down the rough bark of the trunk. Hallow laughed as he hastily tied a cloth around her mouth, picked her up again, teleported to a musty cave, and chucked her in. Squeals were heard inside of the cave. One of them sounded like Ember, but the other was...wait, what the heck was with her?

A strange, muffled voice asked, "Whooo eethhh thhhaatthht?"

"Whel. Kuhm. Thhoo. Hhheekk." Ember grumbled. Hallow rolled a large stone in front of the entrance, laughing like a hyena, and darkness folded over them.

There was nothing she could do. Hallow had captured her in her time of weakness, when defenseless and unable to struggle. Underneath her cloth tightly strapped onto her mouth, she screamed in pure rage,


Chapter 7

Several hours passed. Iron paced the grassy ground in front of the cave-den. Where in the Nether could Emerald be? Was she lost? Injured? Kidnapped?

The last thought made Iron's blood boil. How dare anybody kidnapp her! He needed to find her, and there wasn't much time. According to Ender Steve's note, they had only two days left until he'd come and fight Herobrine, whom wasn't even here at the time.

Sapphire burst into the clearing out of the bushes. "Emmy and Ember are missing!"

"I know," Iron grumbled. He didn't know that Ember was gone, but he suspected that the dragon had left since he hadn't seen him for awhile. He stomped the ground in agitation.

Sapphire looked at him with a worried glance. "Are you alright, Iron?"

The dusky moon shone a pale grey color. Iron ignored Sapphire and, right after her question, blurted out, "Where is my girl?"

Sapphire fell silent. Iron could feel his face growing hot with embarrassment. Why had he spoken those four words? Especially in front of someone who didn't know about thier relationship?

"I need to take a walk," Iron growled and stomped away. First Herobrine, then Ember, now Emerald? He had failed to protect her. He knew he should have gone with her to look. Aeta's idea of splitting up was one of the worst ever followed.

Howls of grief were heard in the distance. Iron recognized the voice of Emerald's mother. He sprinted away, not caring where he went. The forest erupted into flat grassland, where some sheep were grazing on the grass under the stiff moonlight. He ignored their confused Baaaas as he passed the herd animals.

Far in the distance, he saw the figure of a human being. Something on his or her face was glowing.

Iron gasped. Herobrine!

He raced over, growing closer and closer to the ghostly miner. As he approached, he saw that he was sitting on a long log from a tree, the leaves absent. He was partially hiding his face in his hands.

"Herobrine?" Iron skidded to a halt in front of him, worn out from running. The spiritlike miner did not respond. Iron soon realized with a shock that he was crying. "Are you ok?"

Herobrine looked up at him, tear-stains on his cheek. "How did you find me?" He rasped, his voice more hoarse than usual.

"I saw you sitting here," Iron replied. He noticed something in Herobrine's left hand. When he tried to lean over and look at it, Herobrine had pushed it behind the log.

"What's that?" The moon creeper impulsively asked. Again, the ghost did not respond. Iron was beginning to worry whether he had gone deaf or not.

Sighing, Herobrine slowly took out what looked like a very large blade, glowing yellowish red and had a blue tint to it. Iron peered at it curiously for a few moments before asking, "What kind of sword is that?"

"Plasma Blade," Herobrine replied softly. A strange glint shone in his bright eyes - Confusion? Grief? Sorrow?

Iron suddenly yelped. "You mean you''re gonna fight...No way....what.."

The spirit solemly nodded before standing up. His eyes were somewhat bloodshot. The blade glowed an evil blue under the moonlight. Iron shivered, feeling a sort of heat aura radiating from the giant sword.

"I best be prepared," Herobrine spoke before teleporting away, leaving Iron alone in the cold, dark night.

The two remaining creepers - Emerald's mother and Sapphire - as well as Aeta were standing around in a circle, debating who was the fifth and how they were going to find the others.

"They all just vanished," Sapphire shivered. "First Herobrine left, then Ember, then Emerald, and now Iron is missing!"

"My daughter!" Emerald's mother howled, leaning on Aeta while sobbing in silence.

"They have been kidnapped by Ender Steve," A cold voice rasped from behind. Everybody turned around, seeing Hallow standing in front of them.

Aeta did not react, but Sapphire lunged at the enderman, screeching, "What are you doing here?!"

Hallow teleported away and Sapphire shrieked as she landed face-first into the mud. Hallow soon returned in seconds, standing in front of the cave-den. "Ender Steve took them all. You must believe me."

Emerald's mother hissed. "Why should we trust you?"

"Because I have proof," Hallow mumbled. He pointed at his left eye, which had a long, thin scar running down to his chin. "When I tried to get them back, he attacked me. I have plenty of other marks if you do not believe me."

"Why would you help us get them back? I thought you hated us." Sapphire narrowed her eyes, kicking dust off of herself.

"I realized my terrible mistake," Hallow dipped his head, then bent down on his knees. "Please, forgive my crude behavior in the past."

Aeta looked suspicious. Emerald's mother was snarling at the criminal Enderman. Sapphire's expression was incomprehendable, before the rustling of bushes alerted everybody to a new visitor.

"Who's there?" Sapphire growled. The rustling stopped, and two figures emerged - Herobrine and Iron.

Hallow had no facial expression. Sapphire ran up to Iron and was ranting on and on about how she was glad he came back, but nobody welcomed Herobrine. He was holding the Plasma Blade in his right hand, a grim look on his tear-stained face.

As Hallow slowly stood up, a roar was heard, far underground. The earth shook. The roar sounded strange, like something crossed between a dragon and a human... a

"He came early." Hallow commented darkly before teleporting away.

Chapter 8

Herobrine's legs were trembling. His brother came a day early to fight him? He knew what he was to do during the fight, as much as everybody else might not have understood it. He teleported to the human town in the blink of an eye.

Everybody was throughly surprised to see him there. Blake ran back in his house and locked the door, and so did everybody else. Herobrine nervously shifted his sword from hand to hand.

Ender Steve roared fiercely in the distance, and he could barely make out the distorted form of his brother. His mutated sibling immediatly charged through to meet him, and Herobrine was knocked off his feet. He yelled as a sharp pain drove in his shoulder.

"You dirty excuse of a brother," Ender Steve snarled as he slashed his sword - a blade made of sunstone - barely missing his ear. Herobrine ducked out of the way a millisecond before having gruesome contact with the weapon and backflipped away from him.

Ender Steve seemed to notice his choice of weapon. He growled, stepped forward with a long stride, and his blade made contact with Herobrine's. The swords metalically shrieked, sending sparks bare inches away from the brother's faces. Herobrine's heart was pounding in his chest as he held his sword up to his brother's, then the two dueled with their strong weapons.

Herobrine never attacked him, and focused on deflecting his attacks. Ender Steve stuck with attack, his blade moving quite faster than most swordsmen could use theirs. The dueling lasted for a long time, neither side being hurt.

"I always knew you were a lousy brother!" Ender Steve shouted as he sent his sword a centimeter from Herobrine's chest. "Why did you do this to me?!"

"I never did anything," Herobrine remarked. "Hallow was lying to you."

"I know you did it!"

Herobrine teleported both weapons away from their possession. "Why you..." Ender Steve yelled, charged up to his brother, and punched him in the face.

Searing pain flushed through Herobrine's cheek, but he ignored it and stood his ground. Ender Steve brutally punched him in whatever open spot there was, but Herobrine simply looked on with a sad glint in his eyes, watching his own sibling trying to kill him.

Herobrine was receiving a lot of injuries from his brother's relentless attacks, but he was nowhere close to death. He shut his eyes and waited for Ender Steve to tire. His blows gradually started to loose force, and soon his punches felt like gentle swipes from a playful kitten.

Herobrine opened his eyes. Tears were starting to fall from Ender Steve's eyes. He stopped, looked up at the spiritlike miner, and groaned. "You dirty jerk..."

Suddenly, Ender Steve's eyes flung wide open and he screamed in pain. Herobrine nearly fell on his back from his abrupt yelling. A dark, luminous shadow was standing behind his brother, holding something shiny in it's hands.

Herobrine watched in horror as his brother slowly crumpled to the ground on his knees, leaning over and coughing, before falling on his side and nearly all momevent in him ceased.

A creature with purple eyes stepped out. It was holding an Iron sword, and it had purple eyes. It's left eye had an eerily familiar long scar.

It was Hallow.

"Oops," He apologized in a sarcastic tone. He flung his sword to the ground, a bare inch from Herobrine's dying brother.

Herobrine balled his fists in fury, then yelled, teleported both his weapon and Ender Steve's in his hands and lunged at Hallow. The Enderman took both of the sword's blows, and teleported away, cackling like a hyena.

Herobrine fell to his knees next to his brother. Several creepers and a tall being appeared behind them. Gasps arose, and he rezognized Sapphire, Iron, Emerald's mother, and Aeta. They gathered around him in silence, mourning of the innocent man.

Ender Steve weakly looked up at Herobrine. "I...guess I was...wrong.."

"It wasn't your fault," Herobrine choked back a sob, tightly gripping his brother's hand in both of his.

"I shouldn't....shouldn't have....listened to that liar..." The mutated sibling's voice was loosing its strength. Herobrine felt a tear roll down his cheek. None of this was his brother's fault. It was Hallow that needed to receive justice. His brother didn't do anything to deserve this.

"Please, my dear brother, don't die," Herobrine's voice was edged with fierce grief. His grip around Ender Steve's hand tightened. "You don't deserve to end like this!"

His brother weakly smiled at him. "I guess..that's why they call me Ender boy..I will..miss you, were a true friend to me, and always will be..."

At his last words, Ender Steve ceased of motion. Herobrine sobbed as he clutched Ender Steve's hand strongly, yet gently, in his. He shut his eyes, forgetting that Aeta and the others were there, as sorrow overwhelmed his body. He trembled, hearing a rooster crow in the distance, dawn light shining on his murdered brother.

Chapter 9

There was nothing they could do. Ender Steve was far from healing.

Sapphire was shocked when she saw Herobrine's dying brother. She didn't know how to react, since the ghostly miner almost never mourned over someone else, at least in front of other people. She had kept a vow of silence during the painful moment, which seemed to drag on forever. She had never seen death before and didn't know how much it would affect everyone.

After what seemed like hours, Herobrine finally stood up, his eyes burning with grief. Slowly, he carried his brother's body in his arms and started to walk towards the far-away forest. Tears were falling from his pale cheeks as he walked. Aeta and the others followed him in silence, knowing that any word mentioning the incident could set off a fuse of the torn spirit.

When they got to the forest, it started to rain. Herobrine walked over to the Old Clearing, grabbed a shovel, and started digging. He's making a grave for his brother, Sapphire thought. The old miner had made a coffin out of End stone and enderpearls within seconds, and diamonds at the edges. He then opened the lid and very carefully laid his brother inside, then shut the lid gently.

Sapphire offered to help him with his work, but Herobrine remained silent. He laid the coffin in the hole, covered it up with the small pile of dirt, and brought out a blank gravestone. He precisely carved the words "R.I.P. ENDER STEVE - 1894 to 2013 - DIED FROM THE BACKSTABBER, HALLOW" at the front with a small diamond pickaxe without breaking the gravestone.

By the time Herobrine had finished, it had begun to pour roughly. Thunder was screaming above, but somehow Herobrine ignored it. He planted an oak sapling near Ender Steve's grave, brought some flowers out of his pockets, and planted them next to the sapling. He stood as still as a statue for longer than Sapphire could watch, because she fell asleep about an hour later.

"Why..." Herobrine whispered before departing from his innocent brother's burial place.

"Hhhooww ddddthhho wwwhheee ggghhheettttt ooowwwtt?" The strange creature - in which Ember described was an animal called a Mjin - asked, voice hard to understand from the cloth. Emerald was silent, not knowing what to do. She couldn't escape, let alone hardly even talk.

"Eyyyyye. Dhhuunnntthh. Nnnnoooowwwhh." Ember rambled.

"Whhelll, tthhherehhh mmmuuusssttthhht beeeeh sssoooomeee wwhhaaay ooowwt."

Suddenly, Ember's eyes seem to shine with an I got it! look. He was jabbing at Emerald's feet, which were foolishly not tied up.

"Ohhh yeaahhh," Emerald stood up. "Hhhhowww dddididdd wwwhheeee fffforrgggeeetttt?"

The Mjin shrugged. Emerald tried untying the cloth, but her feet wouldn't reach. Ember helped and got it off before he chewed his own off, which took mere - and surprising - seconds. The Mjin somehow made the cloth freeze, then broke it with its strange hooves, making it shatter to dust.

The boulder was a whole different story. No matter how hard they all pushed, the giant rock wouldn't move an inch. Even the Mjin tried freezing it, but he couldn't break it with his paws and only made it harder to move.

"We're doomed," Emerald sagged to the ground, feeling hopeless. "If the boulder is frozen, then there's no way we can move it."

"Wait. A. Second!" Ember's tilting head shot up like a rocket. "Stand. Back." He spoke as he inhaled deeply, then, with an unearthly strength, he puffed out a gigantic, purple fire-like mist that lit up the room and melted the boulder to nothing but a boiling pile of earth. The Mjin and Emerald were speechless at this.

" did you..." The Mjin studdered.

"I. Know. My. Mom. Does. It. I. Tried. It. This. Time." Ember shrugged. "I. Guess. It. Worked."

"Ember, that was awesome," Emerald didn't know what else to say. The not-so-tiny dragon puffed out his chest with pride, then walked outside as the Mjin froze the boiling rock puddle so it wouldn't burn anybody's feet. It was about late morning.

"So you escaped, eh?" A deep, spine-chilling voice called. "I expected you would."

The three jumped at Hallow's voice. The Mjin snarled, ready to attack him, but Hallow simply kept him still with a harsh look. "My work is done here." is all he said before teleporting everybody to the cave-den.

The silverfish had apparently come to visit. All the others - excluding Aeta - came to greet Emerald and Ember. The Mjin came without a welcome, however, and he stood several feet back. Iron was constantly fretting over Emerald, and Sapphire was ranting on and on about how much she missed them. Herobrine was there as well, but he was sitting in a tree, looking out at the clouds with a saddening look.

"Where were you all this time?" Iron's voice sounded somewhat deeper than before. "I've been worried sick!"

"Kidnapped by Hallow," Emerald grumbled. A wave of shock arose from the creepers, followed by whispering from the silverfish.

"That, like, totally stinks," One of them commented.

"It does indeed."

Something shiny caught her eye, far off in the Old Clearing. There was a large tree hanging over it, and some flowers. She was curious, wondering what it was, but before she could walk over to see, the silverfish were bombarding her with questions.

"I need to go see something, so please move," Emerald scooted the silverfish away. They followed her close behind, but she ignored them. As she got closer, she noticed something written on a slab of stone.

R....I....P...Wait, did somebody die?

E...N..D..E...R....Oh no, it can't be! That was Herobrine's brother! How did he die?


She started to lope over to it. Herobrine seemed to notice, because he was standing a few feet behind her as she skidded to a halt. Horrified, she read the gravestone again, making sure she wasn't hallucinating. The silverfish apparently hadn't seen it yet, because they had horrified looks on their faces as well.

"Ender Steve...died?" Emerald squeaked. Herobrine stood next to her, and she soon realized with a shock that he was crying.

She pressed closer to him in attempt to make him feel better. He sobbed in silence as the silverfish squirmed around them, sitting in silence as the heavy moment dragged onward.

"I, like, hate Hallow," One of the silverfish was trying to make Herobrine feel better as well. "He totally, like, shouldn't have, like, done that. I, like, feel really bad for you, like, bro."

Herobrine's facial expression never changed, as if locked onto grief. Very slowly, he wrapped his pale arm around Emerald's skinny body, as if acknowledging her attempt in making a brighter mood, but his face held the same depressing look. Mourning doves, ironically, were singing above in low tones.

"I'm really sorry about your brother," Emerald found it hard trying to find the right words to say. Herobrine showed no sign of acknowledgement of her statement. The silverfish huddled to each other, one of them wailing.

Suddenly, an Enderman teleported out of nowhere - It wasn't Hallow, the newcomer didn't have the scar - and shouted, "The end is near! The end is near! We're all going to die!"

Herobrine's head shot up and he looked behind himself. The enderman didn't have the facial scar that Hallow had, but he had all sorts of other bruises and broken ligiments. Emerald was startled by the Enderman's appearance.

"What's going on?" Herobrine's voice seemed deeper than usual.

"It''s the dragon..." The enderman panted. "She...she-she thinks th-that you killed her husband!"

"Husband?" Herobrine looked curious.

"Yes," The enderman replied. "She's furious and almost all of her kids are dead from some mystery murder case. But I know that you didn't kill her husband, because I saw him die, and that dragon could let loose all beings of the Nether in the blink of an eye if she isn't told the truth!"

This place is becoming a mess! Emerald thought worriedly. Ender Steve is murdered, Herobrine is facing extreme depression, Hallow kidnapped us and set everybody else boiling, the dragon thinks that we killed her husband and her kids, and Hallow is just sitting back and watching us tear each other apart! How are we supposed to stop him before it's too late?

Chapter 10

It was all going to take place now. The final destruction of the human-monster bond and the destruction of possible the whole of the Overworld.

Hallow walked through the forest, a tingling sence of pride in him that he had everything finally under control. There was just one last step he needed to take, and that was to bring an old friend. He was a giant dragon, as far as he remembered, and he knew just how to find him.

Hallow teleported to the Nether. Some Zombie Pigmen and Ghasts welcomed him, for they knew that he was an ally. He stepped through the mushy Soul Sand and bumped into a Nether Fortress, cracked and red moss growing everywhere.

He had found his friend's home.

He walked throught the maze, greeting some of the Wither Skeletons. He passed by some gold swords, dropped by the remnants of rotting Zombie Pigmen. Hallow looked on in disgust, but he held his tongue, for his friend was quite a picky one about his home and could hear things far away.

"I'm home, ol' buddy," Hallow called. The sudden sweep of darkness told him that his friend had said hello back. He met face-to-face with a purple head, long crooked horns, and seeping red eyes.

"Why, greetings, my mentor," The old dragon greeted him back. His voice was old, yet strong, and had a spine-chilling tone to it. The dragon walked through the giant hallways and reached a dead end. There was a Nether Brick Button at the end.

The dragon grinned at Hallow before pressing the button with a giant black claw. The wall opened up to a gigantic room, holding many creatures beyond imagination - some created with imagination. Several other animals wearing various colors of bone collars greeted the old dragon and Hallow inside. They were soon standing in front of a giant cage.

"This is a new experiment," The purple dragon grinned. A Deatharian-looking human was standing far away, along with an even bigger black and cyan dragon with horns and spikes all over his body and tail. He nodded, pulled a lever, and the cage opened up to a glass container trice the size of Hallow.

Inside was the most freaky being he had ever faced. It looked like a Vytl, but it's tail and neck was larger, and it's hands had giant scthes like a praying mantis and a dangling necklace.

It's black eyes seemed to burn through Hallow. He shivered, knowing that this creature would be the one that would set everything right. The dragon had talked much about him in the past and that "we'll finish it tommorrow". But now, the animal was complete.

There was a gold nameplate at the top of the container that read:


"Brilliant," Hallow clapped his hands. The old dragon showed him the Vitiosus' capabilities and how it could easily overthrow an Ender Dragon horde without even moving. The old dragon then very carefully opened the glass door to the container, and the Vitiosus slowly floated out.

"We've bred them to be ridden," The purple dragon hastily tied a strange saddle on the Vitiosus and offered a ride for Hallow. The scarred Enderman accepted, and was soon flying around the Nether.

The old dragon had a nametag, somewhat like a dog.

His name was Scourge.

It all seemed hopeless. Ember, even though he had a new friend, still didn't know much of what was going on. Tension was spreading around like a virus, and he was the only one who wasn't affected by it. He heard something about a dragon coming to wreak havoc, but he didn't know what havoc was, so he remained clueless.

He was beginning to understand what the mysterious voices were talking about; He was definitely stronger than what he expected and he learned other things quicker than average. But he still didn't know what his "special powers" were, and they were yet to be discovered.

The Mjin had joined in the group, but he didn't talk very much to others but Ember. He guessed that since he was the first one he met, he knew him better and felt somewhat more comfortable talking to the tiny dragon, but he still was a creature of few words.

Ember had promised him truth, but that was yet to be achieved. There wasn't a lot of time to describe truth, since everybody else was frantic and Aeta was of no help. Herobrine was constantly separating himself to grieve for his brother - in which Ember overheard the incident once before - and everybody was jeering on and on about the world being destroyed, and Ember was the only one who was actually calm, along with the Mjin.

He started to wonder who the dragon was; what they were called, how old they were, and why they were coming to cause 'havoc'. The Mjin didn't know what havoc was either, and both were lost in the whirling confusion of choas and fear.

"What. Is. That?" Ember tilted his head as the Mjin returned with something in his mouth, dangling with beady black eyes and a slacked jaw lifelessly with tiny paws that skidded across the ground.

"Rabbit," The Mjin replied through the animal in his jaws. "Wanth thome?"

Ember growled in disgust. "I. Don't. Eat. Rahb. Its!" He began to wonder how the Mjin knew what a rabbit was since it came from a place that had none.

The Mjin shrugged. "If you thay tho." He carelessly dropped the rabbit to the ground, which thudded against the dirt with a soft plop, its white fur rippling in the wind. He lowered his head, licked his jaws hungrily, and started to devour his prey greedily.

Ember sat, watching with a mixture of slight hunger and curiosity, no longer weirded out by the fact that he was eating an innocent animal. He started to wonder what a rabbit tasted like, and why it seemed like something good to eat. Emerald always brought him back bread and vegetarian sandwiches from the town not too far away; but he had never eaten any real meat.

The Mjin seemed to have noticed Ember drooling, because he looked up for a second and asked, "Do you want a bite?" He had white fur stuck to his nose and teeth from the rabbit, which was already half eaten, splaying on the ground.

Ember glared at the rabbit, trying to convince himself that it was even edible. He started to think of live rabbits, running through a forest, their tiny hearts beating, muscles flexing underneath their short, soft fur. He imagined himself chasing one, forcing it to the ground, anticipating a meal...

"Here, take the rabbit," The Mjin's voice forced him back to reality. He was nuzzling the rabbit over to Ember's paws. Ember parted his jaws, the sweet, sharp scent of prey flooding his body. He carefully bent down and tore a small piece of meat off and ate it less eagerly than the Mjin had.


The rabbit tasted beyond words. The Mjin smirked as Ember crouched mere inches from the rabbit body and tore through it enthusiastically, savoring the flavor. This was way better than bread! After a minute of gobbling down the tasty food, Ember sat up, rabbit fur sticking to his teeth, and belched.

The Mjin hissed in laughter. "You must really like rabbits!"

"I. Guess. So." Ember fiddled with one of the rabbit's rib bones. He was missing out on all the fun of prey! Why hadn't Emerald let him eat this stuff?

"What are you two doing?" A voice growled behind them. Ember squeaked in surprise, then turned around. It was Shade. He had only heard of him in conversations. The Mjin looked up at the dark grey creeper, licking the rabbit fur off his jaws.

"Eating," The Mjin replied calmly. "What are you doing?"

"I was looking for you two," Shade snorted. "A visitor wishes to make an announcement."

Ember looked confused. What could Emerald want at a time like this? He was just finishing up the rabbit! He grunted, notioned the Mjin to follow him, and the two trotted behind Shade in silence. They passed by trees and birds that sung heavily.

The sun glowed bright yellow in the sky. When Ember and the Mjin had reached their destination, they realized that there were a bunch more mobs sitting around one Enderman - and Iron was standing rather close to Emerald her, as if to be her bodyguard. Herobrine, the silverfish, and Aeta hung in the back, silent as a tree in a windless day. All the other mobs were huddled together and whispering in hushed voices as Ember sat in a patch of grass away from everybody else. The Mjin sat down next to him, sitting a few inches taller than the baby dragon.

"What do you think this is about?" The Mjin whispered to Ember. His breath smelled of the rabbit.

"I. Do. Not. No." Ember whispered back. He fell silent along with all the other mobs as the Enderman raised his hand in the air as a guesture to quiet them down. It thankfully wasn't Hallow; it was a brutally scarred Enderman that appeared to have been through a lot of fights.

"Mobs of all dimensions," The Enderman started. His voice was hoarse and weak. "I have some bad news. Word from the Dragon that lives in the End says that she plans on avenging Ender Steve's tragic death."

Herobrine's body tensed at the mention of his lost brother.

"Isn't that a good thing?" A blaze shouted from the crowd.

"She thinks that Herobrine killed him," The Enderman corrected. A wave of absolute silence greeted his words. Ember listened with a somber gaze. "When it was really Hallow that murdered her husband."

Aeta whispered something to one of the silverfish before the Enderman continued.

"This beast will stop at nothing to rid of Ender Steve's brother," He continued. "We musn't fight her, or else that will enrage her even more and force us to gain a new enemy. Whatever she does, you shall not do the same. I have an idea for calming her down and telling her the truth."

"But will it work?" Herobrine muttered under his breath, but too quietly for the Enderman to hear.

"We all know the dangers and risks of letting a dragon loose in the Greenlands-er, Overworld," He went on. "Take the armor you need, and you shall not use any weapons. We shall try to get as many to survive this as possible. I cannot guarentee that everybody will walk away unharmed from this, but if you are careful, you won't lose your life."

"So what's the plan?" A pale green creeper - Emerald - asked out loud.

"We will lure her to the town with the humans," The Enderman explained. "I have already discussed with them that they are not to attack the Dragon. They will catch her in a net fit for a dragon-sized beast like her, tie her down, and wait until she is calm to explain what really happened to her husband."

Ember shifted his weight on his paws uncomfortably. Wouldn't the dragon just get angrier if she were stuck in a trap? And wasn't he a dragon? The Mjin looked enthusiastic to carry on the plan, but Ember stared ahead with a fearful expression. What would happen if the dragon broke free? Would everybody's lives be hanging by a thread, waiting to be cut and fall to an indescribable fate?

Im not sure this is going to work...Ember thought. Not without a lot of fatal injuries.

Chapter 11

Emerald glanced at the sky. It had been several hours since the Enderman had explained what was to happen. He had predicted that the dragon would come at any second without warning. She was scared out of her mind and excited at the same time, wondering what it would be like to experience a dragon raid.

She started wondering how the dragon would fit through the portal when Iron padded up to her, wearing diamond armor that was designed to fit a creeper. "You're gonna need some protection," He advised.

"Sure," She agreed quickly. Blake and another human were forging diamond armor as fast as possible, hammering away on anvils with big iron hammers. One of the humans standing by and watching for the dragon came up to Emerald and helped her with putting on the armor. It was heavy and it made her feel hot to wear it, but she would rather be protected and sweating rather than dead.

The human quickly went back to his place as soon as he finished putting on her armor. Everything was hectic about the coming dragon raid; they had to prepare as quickly as possible, given the fact that she could come as early or as late as she wanted. The net was still being built in the town, and one person was standing by with a walkie-talkie that constantly gave updates on how it was coming.

The walkie-talkie at Emerald's end was sitting in a stand next to the anvils. Emerald, out of curiosity, walked up to it and pressed the talk button. "How's it coming along?" She asked.

"Who is this?" A faint voice questioned suspiciously on the other line.

"Emerald, reporting for status on the, uh, net," She tried to sound as authoritic as Shade, who often came up to talk to the town people via the walkie talkie.

"Oh," The person apologized. "The net is about 70 percent done. Its coming along a bit slowly, but it should be finished in ten minutes."

"Ten minutes?" Emerald sounded shocked. "I dont think we have the time!" But before she could finish, the walkie-talkie on the other end shut off. She sighed and walked back to Iron, who was fiddling with the dirt beneath his diamond creeper boots.

"This is like going on a suicide mission," He grumbled. Emerald didn't respond, and only looked up at the sky. It seemed like there was less stars up than normal to her, but she didnt care at the time. A dragon was about to come at any second and rip through all hope.

The clouds above stirred. The birds stopped singing. A single droplet of rain fell on her metallic helmet, then more and more as the rain turned into a blizzard of water. Emerald and Iron sat in silence, allowing the rain to plaster against their armor and ring in their ears.

Ember and the Mjin-creature eventually padded up to them and sat in silence. There wasn't any armor that they could make that would fit the Mjin but an oversized human helmet that teetered from side to side on his forehead. They came up and sat on either side of them. Now, there was nothing they could do but wait for the coming of the storm that awaited them.

It seemed like hours of waiting until Emerald felt a minor tremor in the ground. A silverfish scurried out of the mine that was dug by Herobrine months before. "LIKE, THE END OF THE WORLD IS COMING TO, LIKE, COME!!" It screeched before hiding in a grass block. A maddening roar echoed down below the ground, and the tremors of the dragon storming up and out of the narrow tunnels could be felt. The interior of the mine was slowly starting to glow a deep purple.

"This is it," The Mjin whimpered, then braced himself for the coming of the dragon. At first, there was a long silence.

Then, the entrance to the mine flooded with mobs; silverfish and cave spiders that all had a look of pure horror and fear, sprinting away as fast as possible.

Then, the most horrifying beast Emerald had ever seen blasted through the entrance to the mine in an explosion of purple flames as a bloodcurdling screech rung in her eardrums as the gigantic, fearsome Ender Dragon appeared in the blink of an eye, eyes filled with pure rage and frenzy, a burning gaze that sent absolute fear and adrenaline through Emerald's body.

Iron, The Mjin, and Ember took one look at the dragon and fled for their lives. Smoke belched out of the mine entrance, which was now a gigantic crater. Grass and dirt was flung everywhere, and the purple fire had ignited a few plants. The female dragon roared again, then landed and gazed furiously around the area. Emerald was too scared to move out of the way, as if all her muscles had frozen.

The dragon glanced at Emerald, then locked her gaze with the pale creeper. Emerald could of sworn that she saw fiery anger burning in them. The harshness of her stare made Emerald shiver as the dragon slowly approached her.

"WHERE IS HE?" She bellowed. Emerald felt her ears pop at the intensity of her voice.

"I...I-I d-d...don't k-k-kn...know!" She stammered weakly.

"WHERE IS HE?!" The dragon repeated in an angrier tone, retracting her claws in and out of her gigantic jet-black and muscular paws. Emerald couldn't answer, for she felt her voice tie up in knots. If she had thought the dragon looked big when she had first seen her as calm and gentle, she looked way huger, and way scarier. This was an animal that could practically eat her in one bite.

"FINE!" She screeched, then whipped her tail around and smacked Emerald's feet. She screamed and fell on her face, searing pain flushing through down her legs. The dragon charged off and started to wreak the forest, which was now engulfed in ravaging purple tongues of fire. Even the rain could not put out this disastardly dragon's fury.

Animals were howling and fleeing from the forest, trying to escape the dragon's swift attacks. Some animals didn't make it, though, and were lost in the smoke and enderlike fire. The dragon repetitively screeched, "WHERE ARE YOU?!" in attempt to find her arch-nemisis, Herobrine.

"Hello? Hello?!" The walkie-talkie could barely be heard. Emerald staggered to her feet, limped over to the walkie-talkie, hit the talk button, and weakly responded, "This is E-Emerald. The d-dragon has c-come, but none a-are dead y-yet."

"The dragon is here?!" The voice on the other end screamed over some noise in the background. "The net isn't finished!"

"What?!" Emerald howled.

"It's not finished," The voice repeated worriedly. "It's only 80 percent done, but-"

Emerald didn't get to hear the rest, because she had angrily hit the End button on the walkie-talkie. Shade, Hawk, Amber, Apple, Thorn, Gash, Jay, Iron, Sapphire, The Mjin, and a lot of other mobs had already come to distract the dragon. The Mjin looked like he didn't care what was happening, and only yawned and groomed his paws.

Ember was cowering behind everybody else, having no idea what to do. Eventually, the dragon seemed to have gotten sick of looking through the forest, because she turned around hastily and roared spine-chillingly at the creepers.

With a horrified stance, she saw as the dragon thrust one of its gigantic black paws at Thorn, claws unsheathed. Thorn moved out of the way as she just barely dodged the incoming attack, and the dragon stepped forward, outstretched her wings, and bellowed a massive, maddening roar.

All the creepers took a step back, preparing themselves to dodge whatever the dragon had in store from means of attacks. The dragon repetitively swiped at them with unusual speed, and only Shade was hit once, but her paw bounced off his armor and only knocked him over.

"DO NOT STALL ME!" She screamed, then thrust her head down and, like using a tail, sweeped it across the creepers with unmatched speed that bowled them all over, and the dragon left, flying high above and roaring maniacally.

Emerald was the only one who knew where Herobrine was hiding. She left and entered what remained of the forest, aware that her armor wasnt of much help to help blend in. The dragon was about a mile up in the sky and didn't seem to notice as she ran out towards the Old Clearing, then went past it, and riskily entered Herobrine's long-forgotten portal.

It screeched and tumbled her around the funnel-like portal, but she had grown so used to it she didn't care. She landed perfectly on her legs, the cold, hard stone not bothering her at all. Her legs, however, still ached from the dragon sweeping her off her feet. She called out Herobrine's name in the hope of finding him. She had to warn him.

Memories swept through her as she passed several landmarks; the old training area, her cave-den shared by Hail, whom was now Sapphire. She thought of her old names, Rose and Moon, when she was watching, then training alongside Thorn. Silver's arrival also swept past her, a bittersweet memory of the once weak and young creeper arriving to unfamiliar territory.

The area looked strange without any mobs being there but Herobrine and Emerald. It had been a long time since she last came here, and she was so used to it she felt like this was more like her home than the Overworld.

She soon spotted Herobrine sitting uncomfortably on a small stone hill. He was staring out at the bloodred moon of his dimension. Emerald approached him and wheezed, "Herobrine?"

He turned around with a look of grief and slight surprise.

"The dragon..she wants to find you!" She burst out. "She's looking and destroying everything and nobody here can stop her!"

Herobrine muttered something under his breath that Emerald didn't catch. "What?"

"Its about time I leave this world," Herobrine sighed, eyes seemingly loosing their old amused glow.

"What?!" Emerald yelped. "You mean to say you want to die?!"

"I didn't say I wanted to," He pointed out heavily. "I only said it was a fair idea."

Horrified, Emerald watched as Herobrine slowly rose to his feet, eyes seemingly lifeless, as he walked with sagged shoulders over to the direction of the portal, then was gone from sight.

Chapter 12

Emerald ran as fast as she could over to the portal, then jumped in with all her might. What she saw horrified her: burnt trees everywhere, grass that was now ashes, and a hazy purple sky. The dragon wasn't seen anywhere, but neither was anybody else. She has started to worry whether the dragon had already killed the miner until she saw Herobrine standing on one of the tall hills behind her cave-den.

He was standing there, arms open, as if to receive an attack. The dragon was seen nowhere, which made Emerald's blood turn cold. Where was she?

She suddenly heard a roar. It was coming from the town!

She dashed away as fast as her injured legs could take her past the plains and to the town. Almost every house was burnt to the ground, and the dragon was flying above.

But what startled her more was that the net was still in progress. About a dozen people were working furiously with panicked expressions. Emerald ran up and saw that the dragon was starting to come down. "Dragon incoming!" She shouted.

The men all looked at her, then at the dragon, and fled for their lives. The dragon was swooping down at them at a high speed, coming lower and lower down. The net looked puny compared to her, only made of leather. Did they expect it to hold against this dragon's emormous frenzy?

The dragon beat her wings several times, then went down even lower until it looked like her feet were brushing against the ground. She bellowed, then a loud SNAP! echoed. The net was torn completely in half, as easily as cutting butter. The men screamed and yelled to distract her, but she grabbed the remnants of the net, carried it high in the air, then dropped it in a near lake. It sunk to the bottom like an anvil.

Nothing happened for a moment. The dragon was standing and glaring intensely at the men. All of them looked very panicked and scared, shivering and cowering away. Emerald thought that now that she was a bit calmer, she should tell her the truth. The net might not have worked, but this did.

Emerald started to very cautiously appoach the dragon. She glared at her with a lash of her tail, but otherwise did nothing. Emerald was now relying on the mercy of the dragon to stay alive and her quick reactions.

"Uh...miss Dragon ma'am?" She stammered, losing her voice instantly. The dragon leaned in, a look of anger and resentment burning in her intensely purple eyes. She clearly looked more interested in killing her than listening to her plead on the behalf of the falsely accused Herobrine.

"Hurry up," The dragon snarled, but it wasnt the same bellowing anger before. She still sounded agitated, like she would rather beat her up to a green pulp. It would only be so long before her patience would run out, yet this was the time to tell her the truth.

"Herob-brine d-d-didn't k-kill Ender S-Steve!" She tried to sound courageous but her voice cracked and nearly died away. She felt her heart pounding furiously and adrenaline rush all over. "H-Hallow d-d-did it!"

Emerald expected the dragon to accuse her of lying, but instead she held the same angry gaze, her expression changeless - but she thought for a second she saw curiosity gleam in those furious purple eyes. She otherwise did nothing to show acknowledgement of Emerald's statement.

Before she could speak up, she heard a snap - but it wasn't like the snapping of the leather net. It was the snapping of a bow. An arrow whizzed abover her head and hit the dragon in the leg. She grunted and flinched, then looked over at the humans. Emerald did the same.

Blake was holding the bow, preparing to fire again.

The dragon screeched more furiously than ever, then charged straight at Blake. He yelled, but only moved out of the way. This wasn't how the plan was supposed to go! She had the chance to talk to her, and Blake blew it! She felt anger course through her blood but forced to stay still. Maybe the dragon had forgiven the grudge against just her. But still, the plan was falling apart!

Blake was flung several feet back before he started to run. The dragon chased him, teasing him by pretending to speed up and yell to scare him. She was more amused than angry now. She was feeding off of human fear. Blake obviously took it seriously, running for his life. He stopped when the dragon stopped, then shot another arrow and hit her in the neck.

The dragon yelped somewhat, then fury overcame her amusement as she charged at Blake full-speed. Blake screamed and sprinted away again, but the dragon was faster. She trapped him in a corner of a hill.

Blake was clearly scared. He fell to his knees, shivering, as the dragon screeched and prepared to make the final strike that would cause his swift silencing. There was nothing that could be done now.

Suddenly, Blake saw a loose rock above the mountainlike hills. He aimed his bow upward and shot the rock. The dragon looked up. There was lots more rocks above. Slowly, the first one came down and didn't hit anybody but startled the dragon.

Then more rocks came pouring down like a rain of cats of dogs, but made of stone. The dragon howled furiously as one of the rocks hit her head and she rushed away. But Blake had trapped himself inside as he vanished from view.

"No!' Emerald howled, running over to the rocks as soon as the dragon had left. She tried moving the rocks, but they were too big. The dragon's roar could be heard as well as the hisses of the creepers and other sounds of the mobs trying to distract her, but then was abruptly cut off by something and everything fell silent.

Emerald sprinted over to where the dragon was, and she realized with a shock that she had found Herobrine standing on the giant hill.

Nobody did anything at that moment. The Dragon was slowly gaining altitude as she flew slowly upwards to match the height of the mountainous hill. Herobrine looked on with a look of grief and defeat, like he was ready to fall underneath false accusation. The creepers were standing around the hill, looking up horrified at the dragon and Herobrine. The plan failed.

Time seemed to slow down. The dragon made no sound, and Herobrine stood like a statue. Neither of them did anything until the dragon slowly opened her mouth, and it lit up with purple. She was going to burn him with the ender fire! A few stray purple tongues of fire flew out of her mouth and dissipated in the air, and Herobrine shut his eyes, as if anticipating anxiously for the pain to come.


Everybody turned around. Ember was flying towards them along with the Mjin following close behind. The dragon's mouth no longer was lit up by fire, and it hung slack in shock as her child flew up to her, then turned around and stood a few yards away from Herobrine.

The dragon no longer seemed interested in destroying the ghostly miner, for she ran right past him and shrieked with joy as Ember walked up and licked her on the nose. "Hi, Mom. Mee!"

"My baby!" She howled, nuzzling him with her muzzle. "You're alive!"

All the creepers seemed relieved that the dragon was distracted by the return of her son. Emerald had almost forgotten about the prophecy that was appointed to Ember until then: The darkness will rise, and there will be five who must uncover the blade of white and defeat the Tiger and the Beast of Shadow.

But the prophecy isn't fullfilled yet! Emerald thought in shock. The darkness has sure risen, but we haven't uncovered any blade of white or defeated our enemies!

"Mom. Mee?" Ember asked. "Hair. Roh. Brin. Not. Kill. Dad. Ee."

The dragon seemed to look shocked. Emerald scrambled up the hill, past the surprised Herobrine, and over to the dragon. "It's true. I was trying to tell you that earlier."

The dragon looked at Emerald, still slightly angry, and then back at Ember, still appearing to be listening to anything around her. "Hallow killed him while he was trying to murder his brother. He thought that Herobrine was the one who stole all your babies, but it was Hallow. He was trying to rile us all up."

The dragon was silent for a long, heavy moment, then nodded apologetically. She stood up, walked over to Herobrine, and looked at him as if she were the one supposed to die from a giant terrifying dragon.

Herobrine said nothing, and only kept looking on in surprise as the Mjin spoke up. "Ember and Emmy Rald are right. I dont really know much about this stuff, but I do know that Herobrine was innocent. Hall-whatsit was trying to make us mad at each other and tear each other apart."

"That's exactly what I was trying to do," A deep, familiar, bloodchilling voice rasped from behind the trees. Everybody turned to look at the scarred, evilish Enderman glaring with amusement - and the animal he was riding.

It was the most heartless, savage looking animal Emerald had ever seen. If she had thought the dragon was scary, she was nothing compared to the glare that the beast gave her with its horrifying, maddening black eyes. It was lavender colored with long, deadly looking scythes like a praying mantis and a necklace that hung around its neck. It had no legs, and just floated mid-air with a strange mistlike substance emitting from its back. It looked similar to the animal she had heard of called a Vytl, but she had thought Vytls were cute. This monster looked like the manifestation of fear and evil itself. 

Everybody was too scared and distracted with the Vytl-like behemoth to really listen to the snarling that it was emitting. Hallow shouted something to the animal, and it barked devilishly. "Say hello to your worst nightmare," Hallow sneered before the beast threateningly floated closer with its scythes flexing up and down. All the mobs around stepped back, and some fell over. Even the dragon looked scared, and she huddled Ember and the Mjin closer to herself, assuming that she took the Mjin as one of her own children.

"Any volunteers to greeting the Vitiosus?" Hallow mocked. Nobody moved a muscle. "How about this big, fat dragon over here?"

The female dragon snarled, but approached the Vitiosus angrily, then roared furiously at it. Yet, there was a hint of fear in her roar. The Vitiosus looked unamused, staring deep into the dragon's eyes. Then, it swiped at her without warning at her leg with blinding speed. The dragon howled, stepped back and nearly fell on some of the creepers. They all walked backwards for several yards. The dragon lashed her tail in pain, the gash deep from the Vitiosus-beast.

"I hate this thing," She snarled fearfully. The Vitiosus looked provoked to be called a thing, and swiped threateningly again at her, but purposefully missed by a bare few inches. The dragon snarled and stepped back, continuing to walk backwards as the Vitiosus kept floating towards her until she backed up into the hill.

"Even the mighty dragon fears such a small creature in comparison?" Hallow challenged. "How pittiful. I thought your kind were stronger."

The dragon screeched and tried to bite the Vitiosus, which was only about double the length of her head. The Vitiosus caught her snout in both of its scythes and pushed her back several feet with extreme strength, forcing the dragon to curl up her neck and move backwards more, still trying to bite it. It looked like it was bored with messing around with a dragon, and it let go and floated away casually. The dragon growled at it but her voice cracked with fear.

"This is just a small dose of what you are going to face in the future," Hallow threatened. "There will be thousands of these puppies tearing you apart soon. Good luck with surviving for two seconds!"

The Vitiosus roared deafeningly, much more savage and fierce than the dragon's own roars, and flew away into the forest, making one or two dead trees fall and stirring up the dust that littered the ground.

Hallow wasn't finished with them yet.

Chapter 13

After the dragon apologized to Herobrine and the others, the creepers soon realized the damage that had been done. There was practically nothing left alive other than themselves, and the mine, along with the portal, was destroyed. The dragon looked guilty of wreaking everything, but everybody was trying to cheer her up and saying it wasn't her fault. They found Blake alive but hurt from the boulder wreckage, along with a broken bow.

"What have I done?" The dragon whimpered, carrying Ember and the Mjin - whom she named Si. There was no live plants in sight, and everything, including the town, was demolished to smoldering piles of burnt wood, ash, and dust. The dust and smoke in the air made it hard to breathe, since the rain had stopped by then.

Sapphire was fretting over what they should do, while Iron was worrying about how everything would grow back after the wreckage done. Herobrine was silent the entire time, not saying a single word. The skeletons offered to help rebuild the village, but it was beyond repair.

"There's only one option we have left," Shade announced. Sapphire, Iron, Emerald, the Dragon, Ember, Si, and a few others looked his direction. "We must move."

"Where?" Si questioned. "There's nowhere else to go!"

"We have the Afterworld," Shade commented. "Herobrine's dimension."

"What?!" One of the humans yelled. "How are we supposed to live in there?"

"We did it and ended up fine," Sapphire pointed out. "You humans aren't too different than us, you know. We both have bones and brains. They work the same."

"Touché," The human muttered. Blake walked up with a bunch of broken diamond armor, then announced, "We have leftover armor. Who wants it?"

Nobody answered.

"It is the last place we can go to," Herobrine muttered. "But we have no other option." The dragon rounded up every other human and monster, and they all travelled to the portal.

"This looks scary," A younger human sighed. Emerald couldn't help but think that not all their problems were solved yet. They may have told the dragon the truth, but they hadn't stopped Hallow yet. He had obviously lots of other tricks up his sleeve, for he was in an unusually good mood when they saw him, despite the fact that his first plan was ruined. They now had the new creatures, Vitiosus, to worry about, and the fact that only the first part of Ember's prophecy had been fullfilled; The darkness will rise. They still hadn't decided who was the fifth, and they had to raise not just Ember, but now Si, the Mjin from a totally different place.

Not only that, but they all were forced to hide out in an uncomfortable, crowded dimension that has a lot less things in it than the Overworld. There was hardly enough food and water to go around, and now they have to care for both an adult dragon, her baby, and Si. Who knew what he was used to eating?

Taking a deep breath, she realized that she was the last one to enter the portal. Iron prodded her side and said, "Are you ready?"

"Yes," she replied heavily, then jumped in the portal with her soulmate and entered the cold, airless Afterworld dimension, aware of that a long war may have started that nobody could fight.


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