Note that this does not exist in Minecraft; it was written purely as a fiction article.

Hy-Brid (pronounced HIE-breed) are a very rare hybrid found in thunderstorms. Because of the lack of their appearances between humans, some people believe that they do no exist. They are a cross between Creepers and Zap-Pulse.


Hy-Brid share many traits with creepers; they will chase anything within 16 blocks and explode on contact, but they also pose attacks that were combined with a Creeper's and a Zap-Pulse's. They will shoot out a half-fiery half-electric branch of lightning that will create a huge crater wherever it strikes and deals 4 <3 no matter what difficulty. Hy-Brid are very fast, with twice the speed of a spider but are slow in water, however. Their health is rather low, at a measly 5 <3.


Hy-Brid do not spawn naturally, but will form when a lightning bolt from a storm strikes a Zap-Pulse and a Creeper at the same time, thus brining them together and reforming a Hy-Brid. However, this is a very rare occurance, and the only possible way to do it is either Single Player Commands or to have a Zap-Pulse and a Creeper chase you. The probability for a bolt to strike both of the mobs is almost impossible, and the player may never see one.

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