Ice Creeper
Ice creeper remake
Conceptual Paint art

Savegame ID


Attack Strength

Normal: 3.5 Mc heart (7 health)

Hard: 5 Mc heart (10 health)


22 Mc heart (44 health)

Armor Points



Running into mobs


Hostile to mobs smaller than themselves

Neutral to the Player

Ice Creepers are light-blue variations that are fairly rare in Minecraft. They are hard to see because of their colouring and are very fast. They are 1.5x bigger than a normal creeper.



  • Size: 2.5 blocks
  • Drops: Ice Blocks (0-2)
  • XP: 8
  • Speed: 4.317 m/s


Ice Creepers remain neutral to players, but will attack any other mobs that are smaller than them. This means that they will not target mobs like Endermen, but they will attack nearly all other mob variations, including other exploding creepers. This sometimes can be amusing for the player if the Ice Creeper attacks a regular creeper and they both die from the creeper's explosion. If they get attacked by a spider jockey, the Ice Creeper will run away.

Ice Creepers are deathly afraid of anything relating to fire. If there is a fire mob anywhere near them in a 16 block radius, the Ice Creeper will run away, or, if they are hiding underwater, break the block they are under, jump out, and scram.

They hide underwater where there is ice, and when something walks over it, the Ice Creeper will break the ice, jump out, and attack the animal/monster. Once it kills its target, it will hop back into the water and wait for another victim. If the player breaks the block of ice where the Ice Creeper is hiding underneath, it will attack the player.

When Ice Creepers come in contact with sunlight of at least 7 or higher, they will appear to be "melting" (water particles coming off of their bodies) and will take damage until they die or find shade. If they are killed by sunlight, they will not drop any XP or items.

If you attack an Ice Creeper with a history book, it will run away.

Creative Mode

Ice Creepers, of course, do not attack the Player when they are in creative mode. They will break the ice and jump out if the Player walks over it (as well as any other mob smaller than them), but they will not attack. They are spawned also with spawn eggs. If done so, they will attempt to locate the nearest open block of water where there is ice and hide under it. If they cannot, they will simply mill around, rarely moving.


Ice Creepers are found exclusively in Taigas. They have a 33% chance of spawning in any 6 x 6 area of ice as long as there is at least two blocks of water underneath it.


  • Ice Creepers cannot pass through portals, making it impossible to take one to other dimensions except via the /summon command and spawn eggs.
  • If lightning strikes an Ice Creeper, it won't become charged.
  • Ice Creepers attack cats, but run away from ocelots.
  • Ice Creepers move at the same walking speed as the Player and Abactor Creepers.

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