This does not exist in Minecraft, it's just fiction


Iceillma, Hatless

Iceillma is an Ice Creeper, supporting character in the Kreepah and Friends series and a main character in Kreepah and Friends: Return of Herobrine. She is the friend of Kreepah, Golden Creeper, Creepa Knight, Cyclop Creeper, Creeptune and the girlfriend of Blooper the Blue.



Iceillma is a friendly, generous, Ice Creeper that befriended Blooper's friends and became Blooper's boyfriend. She is like the other creepers and the only female in the crew.


Iceillma Frosts was born in the Icengard and became an explorer when she was a teenager. Her mother died when she was at the age of 23yrs and ran away to live on Planet Kreepton

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