This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction
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Pigman from Inckia

Icy Pigmen or Artic Pigmen are Pigmen that are found on planet Inckia. They are good source of Raw Porkchop and Snow Balls. They reacts like villagers and pigs. It has the same sound effects of a Zombie Pigman but is a Passive Mob.


They move around like Villagers and Swim around. They roam around Inckia and Grunt like normal Pigs.When they encounter obstacles, Artic pigmen will often answer them by hopping up and down, apparently attempting to jump over them regardless of whether this is actually possible. They make no attempt to stay out of water, bobbing up and down to stay afloat. Icy Pimen pathfinding is similar to other passive mobs; they avoid harmful falls and attempt to go around obstructions. They have walled eyes and light Magenta skin.


  • They are not breedable and there are no Pigman babies.
  • You can have them as skins.

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