This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction


That blue and White planet is Inckia

Inckia (Ink-ia)is the third planet in the Creepy Zone. This is the largest planet in the Creepy Zone. This planet is cold, Icy and Snowy. There are Generated Structures there, Mobs and Inckians there.


The weather there are is only Sunny, Thunderstorm and Snowy.

Generated Structures

Generated Structure - Copy (4)

Icy Pyramid and Bridge

Generated Structure - Copy (3)

The Village, That pumpkin statue was just built

It is like a village but they are Igloos made out of Snow Blocks. There are Pyramids and Bridges made out of Ice to slide on. There are Bridges, Pyramids, Igloos, Farmlands and Daylight Sensors there. 


These are where Inckians live and carry out their tasks. There are Chests, Crafting Tables, Furnaces and water. 


These are similar to the Desert Temples but is made out of ice and at the bottom there are treasures in chests.


This is like the one in the Overworld


They are just there for walking and Roaming.



  • Like how Water cannot spawn in the Nether, Lava cannot spawn in Inckia.

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