Fire staff

Inferno Staff

Inferno Staffs are one of the elemental staffs in Minecraft. Their specific element, as suggested in the name, is Fire. They are crafted with an Eye of Fire, a Lava Shard, two Inferno Ribbons, and an Empty Staff. Due to their usefullness, they are highly valued and treasured by their makers. The items required to make it are very hard to find, two of them in the Nether, one in the End, and the last in the Overworld; due to this, the Player must travel to all three main dimensions in order to make the Inferno Staff.


Inferno Staffs cannot be enchanted, but they last forever (no durability bar). When right-clicked, it shoots a large collum of flame that ignites and burns whatever it touches. Mobs that are lit also burn until death, and the fire is not affected by armour, enchanted or not. The fire does as much damage as lava.

If left-clicked, it ignites a mob with regular fire duration, but the staff itself does 6 <3. While holding the staff, the user does not take damage from fire or lava, no matter what type. If the player presses 'f' on their keyboard, the staff shoots a fireball that is as powerful as a Dynonn's.

Fire projected from an Inferno Staff can burn through anything expect Bedrock and Air. Due to this, Obsidian, End Stone, Water, and other inflammable blocks/liquids. Every time a mob is killed with an Inferno Staff, it drops twice the amount of items and XP upon death. Also, fire-related mobs spawn faster when the Player holds an Inferno Staff, and they will also appear docile and obey the player.

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