PROLUGE: Tenth thousand years before minecraft history was recorded the first setters arrived in minecraft. They built a small civilization. One day a young setteler traveled outside of the small town. In a super large forest he fell into a chesiled stone brick room. He saw a chest with soul sand and wither skeleton skulls. He creates a body out of them. Then his creation started to glow. He made a terrible mistake! He had awakended the Wither. The wither attacked the town. The minecrafter pushed the wither out and blocked it with netherbrick fences. So the world was seperated in two. One half for the settelers and the other for the wither. The withers half is known as wither territory. It is in minecraft law that it is forbidden to go into wither territory. But what happens 10.000 years later when two minecrafters accidentally break this law? TO BE CONTINUED

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