Creeper - Copy (4)
Sorry Dude, I have no Shame nor Sorrow. I am Everywhere, Anywhere, Somewhere and Nowhere! Hail Course to everyone!
Israphel to Kreepah

Israphel is a creepy pasta (like Herobrine) and a Tyrant (in Kreepah and Friends: The Tyranny of Israphel). 


  • Creeper face
  • White Creeper skin
  • Red Eyes
  • Killer


Israphel is a creepy pasta appeared in Yogscast and Shadows of Israphel. He is very hard to kill and the friend of Herobrine. He is a sorceror, Tyrant of Planet Kreepton and a Murderor. He is a selfish tyrant/dictator who rules Planet Kreepton and hypnotises Monsters in The End and Nether. 


He appeares in the minecraft mod, The Shadow of Israphel and he was there after Herobrine. Him and Herobrine is not real but can have the skin with them.


When Kreepah became upset and used an Energy Wave, he dodged it then Golden Creeper(Kreepah and Friends blow him away then Kreepah used his Iron Sword and Stabbed him when he landed. Everything became normal everywhere.


  • In the comic, whe he said that he is Everywhere, Anywhere, Somewhere and Nowhere he mean't that he can teleport anywhere.


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