This doesn't exist in Minecraft; it's just fiction

The second largest planet (Juniow)

Juniow (*combination of June and Willow*) is the fourth planet in the Creepy Zone. It is like the combination of planet Saturn and a desert in the overworld. There are also generated structures like the other planets, Inckia, Kreepton and Khuton. The planet is made up of Sand Stones and no sands

Generated Features

There are Desert Villages, Large Pyramids, Desert Wells and Bridges made out of Smooth Sandstones.

Desert Village

This is where the Juniowians live and carry out their tasks. It is similar to the ones in Inckia and Khuton. They Mine, Farm, Trade and rome around


Are the largest structure in Juniow. It is similar to the one in the overworld.

Desert Wells

Similar to the one in the overworld.


They are just created for quick transportation since there are Rails and Minecarts there and there is an Abondoned Mineshaft there.



  • This is similar to the desert in the overworld but with Sandstones.

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